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The photographs on my webpages are the property of the respective photographers, and cannot be duplicated or used for any purpose without the express written consent of the photographers.

However, you may find that such consent may be had by contacting the photographers using the information provided below. If you need additional help contacting them, feel free to email me.

Please note that I have cropped and edited the photographs provided by the photographers credited on this page to fit the size, formatting, and electronic constraints of my web pages.

I am always interested in seeing and buying quality photographs of myself surfing at Mavericks, especially as I almost never see any. I also know other surfers who feel the same way, so if you have good photos of Mavericks, especially of me, please get in contact with me. Your photos could end up online here along with a solid plug for your work.

The Photographers

James Coughlin is not only a good friend, but a hard core surf photographer. He has been known to sit on rooftops or on the dunes at Ocean Beach for hours on end to take photographs of his friends out in large, user unfriendly surf. And in reality, the waves at Ocean Beach are pretty photographer unfriendly to boot. as they break a good quarter of a mile out to sea, past seven or eight lines of whitewater and a lot of mist. When Ocean Beach maxes out, he has been heading down the coast to Mavericks more and more.

Jim's photos are not only clean and well timed, but he doggedly tries to document the surfing exploits of his friends, lets them know if he has good shots, and makes those photos available at a reasonable cost. Jim is now scanning photos and utilizing digital technology, which is how I got most of the photos on my various webpages online.

You can contact Jim Coughlin by email. He is presently setting up a webpage, and a hyperlink will be provided on this page when he is online.

Martha Jenkins and her husband Bruce Jenkins are also friends of mine and are both surf photographers. Martha is an accomplished sports photographer whose work includes a lot of North Shore surf photography. Visit The Martha Jenkins Surf Gallery. She started photographing Mavericks during the famous week before Christmas in December of 1994, catching a lot of the classic action with her crisp, clear, well timed shots, and has graciously permitted me to use my pick of these photos on my web pages. Please note that all of Martha's work is copyrighted, and cannot be reproduced without her consent. Bruce Jenkins is a well known sports writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, and is author of the book "North Shore Chronicles." Visit Bruce's Surf Page.

Christy Davis: I am a pretty decent photographer myself, but seldom shoot surf photographs because I am generally surfing if the surf is up. The shot of Mavericks on January 22nd, 1992 was taken from the overlook at "The Rock" ("Flatrock") about a mile north of Mavericks before I paddled out for my first time there. The wave in the photo has about a 60" face, as calculated by comparison with the bouy in the background, which is at least 20" tall. In addition, if you look closely, the dot between the waves is the photographers boat, and the wave is breaking at least a hundred yards out past the takeoff zone for the largest waves ever ridden there!

I have done extensive work in Central America, and enjoy taking photographs of family, friends, and animals.

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