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The Lost Episodes

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... Newt is in agony. He arrives at the house and runs in the open door, shouting for Hannah. After he searches the interior, he comes out to the porch and sees the lantern knocked off its nail and a chain necklace hanging from it instead, obviously Hannah's. In a moment of shock, fear and rage, he clutches the chain, squeezes his eyes closed, yells her name loudly in a kind of anguished war cry and then stares out into the distance.

Newt is desperate to rescue his new bride, and he rides to Sweetwater to begin his search. The excerpts related to this part are also difficult to put in order, and it isn't clear if he knows who kidnapped Hannah until later.

In the second video capture of Clay on Page 1, Clay tells Gibb and his buddy, "Newt Call just rode into Sweetwater. I need to find out just how determined he is." So, Clay's henchmen get hold of Newt, apparently rough him up, and pin him to the ground. The one pictured here says to the other one (probably Gibb), "Looks like he don't have no more bullets in his gun." At that, a well-dressed man puts a gun to the bad guy's neck and says, "That may be true, sir, but I have six in mine." Apparently, this stranger helps free Newt, and sometime afterward, the man says, "You learned something today, Newt. The man who wins a fight is the man who's not willing to die."

The sheriff of Sweetwater who shows up in HIGH LONESOME and REBELLION is the sheriff of Sweetwater in the scrapped eps, too. For some reason, he jails Newt and warns him against pursuing Clay's gang.

Newt: "Let me out of here, damn it! They got my wife!"
Sheriff: "Them's part of Mosby's bunch, son."
Newt: "I know who they are. Just let me out of here. I gotta follow them."
Sheriff: "You want to die that bad?"

Eventually, Newt ends up at the saloon. Here, the bartender says, "Why don't you get out of here, before you get worse than you got the last time?" to which Newt replies with determination in his voice, "Whiskey."

Undaunted by all this, Newt is a man with an urgent mission and he heads out on the trail with the only help available to him -- Austin Peale, Hannah's greenhorn brother.

Austin: "What are we up against?"
Newt: "Fifteen, maybe twenty men."
Austin: "Now how the hell are we gonna handle that?"
Newt: "We get in close. Lay up in the trees till dark. Spy out the camp and find out where they're keeping Hannah. Sneak in and grab [unintelligible]."
Austin (joking): "Now that's a Texas plan if I ever heard one. No wonder the Alamo fell."
Newt (also joking): "Well, seeing as how General Custer was one of your men, maybe you got a better idea."

A face-to-face encounter between Newt and Clay does occur at a certain point, though again, exactly when in the timeline is unclear. Newt is searching a wooded area and upon hearing a horse ride up, he swings around with gun drawn, saying "Hold it right there, mister," and drops to his knees to take steadier aim. The rider is Clay, who tells him in a slow, intense voice, "Don't be a damn fool." What happens after that is known only to those who were there!

Of course, the only way it could have turned out well for Newt and Hannah was if it turned out badly for Clay, and by then, the show's producers had realized the importance of Mosby's character, who could add dramatic tension to future eps as a foil for Newt. Two scripts were rewritten and Clay's life was spared to let him angst over Hannah another day. Nevertheless, hints of that original storyline remained in Clay's blurred Mary-Hannah reality, his infamous "stalking" scene with her in the hotel before her wedding, and the references his friend Robert makes to his impaired judgment.

BTW, Robert is nowhere to be seen in this kidnapping scenario, at least in the promos. One can only imagine that he told Clay he'd return when Clay was done with this lunacy and ready to get back to robbing banks!

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