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The Lost Episodes

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The following captures come from eight minutes of footage used in the promotional campaign before Lonesome Dove: The Series aired. Some excerpts included in that footage came from two episodes that were later scrapped when the writers and producers realized they had pushed the story into a dead-end corner. Specifically, it was headed in the direction of Clay Mosby's death at the end of Newt Call's gun.

Although there wasn't much more to go on than snippets of dialogue and flashes of scenes, I have tried to reconstruct part of that original storyline to the best of my deductive and interpretive abilities below, described in segments of narration and images. Some scenes, however, defied placement, so I merely offer the evidence and leave you to draw your own conclusions.

In the beginning, Newt Call and Hannah Peale meet, fall in love, and overcome the paternal obstacle called Josiah in order to wed, just as they do in the eps that were shown. However, in the original plan, it appears that Newt makes a home for them fairly quickly after the marriage by refurbishing the dilapidated ranch house in which he proposed to her (as seen in DOWN COME RAIN). The pictures here show them celebrating their new home with a kiss, after which he carries her across the threshold. A wreath of summer foliage, adorned with a white ribbon bow, decorates the door.

"I do love you, Newt Call," she tells him.
"And I love you, Hannah ... Call," he says with a sudden smile, as if it's the first time he's spoken her new name out loud.

Meanwhile, back at the camp ... Clay Mosby is brooding. 

Mosby was initially envisioned as a semi-psychotic, certainly psychopathic, outlaw obsessed with Hannah Peale Call, whose looks and independent spirit reminded him of his long-deceased wife, Mary. In the original storyline, Clay is apparently the notorious leader of a Sweetwater gang of thieves and killers. Gibb, the terrorist Clay hires to pave the way for his land grab in LAW AND ORDER, is a key member of the gang. Clay also seems especially familiar with a blonde whore in one of Sweetwater's brothels. And there's a telling line of dialogue cut from DOWN COME RAIN's flower-picking scene. After Clay rides away from them, Ida Grayson comments to Hannah that "My guess is that man is hell on horses and hell on women." Little did they know how prophetic at least the latter part of her statement would turn out to be!

After seeing Hannah in Curtis Wells, Clay's precarious mental stability starts to slip. Somehow thinking that she's going to fill the role vacated by Mary, he has her kidnapped from the ranch house at what appears to be early morning and brought to him in his camp.

This is where it gets confusing. There are three separate excerpts highlighted in the promos, and though they look like they all take place close together, I'm not sure of their chronological order. I'm making a best guess here, but I could very well be wrong.

When Hannah arrives at the outlaw camp, she's wearing only her nightclothes. In what I believe is the first sequence of events, she also has Clay's coat over her shoulders. Clay greets her with an incongruous, delusional smile, and she slaps him hard across the face, giving him the Look of Death.

Sometime later, she makes a run for it, her robe billowing out behind her. That's the unidentified shot we see in the LD:TS opening credits. Clay is in the background in this scene and his coat is at Hannah's feet, which leads me to believe she had the coat around her and she dropped it on the ground as she took off. He starts running after her, and I think what happens then is that she is headed off by Clay's men, so she turns and runs toward him, beating at him with her fists and sinking to the ground in tears while he calmly tries to wrap his coat around her again. Finally, sobbing and angry, she tells him, "My husband will come for me." He nods and replies ominously, "And I want him to." 

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