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Painting by David Jarvis

Caroline Connor was a nun in the Order of Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, where she studied Suma and St. Thomas Aquinas theology for five years. Years later she was ordained as a minister under the order of Melchizedek. Her training and work in other areas consists of five years of Child Psychology, over 300 hours in Silva classes, in which she was a Group Leader, PSI training, Group meditations, healings and regressions. She studied Radionics, Radiesthesia at Cleargate College, Sussex England.

Caroline has been a Ghost Buster for 30 years using Radionics. Her extensive studies include, preventative medicine, aetheric disorders, astro-mental disorders, suicidal tendencies, multiple personalities as well as Astrology, Numerology, Regression, Chinese Astrology, Acupuncture meridians and BLOTOLOGY. She has been doing personal readings and consultations for the past 35 yrs.

At the present time Caroline continues her Radionic consulting work. Her extensive research in the field of Radionics and of course creative writing. In her books she presents choices that you have at death and the tunnels.

She is the inventor of the Radionic small templates which are used on the Radionics machine and of course the large Personalized Healing templates that you just sleep on. Invented the Excelerator, Melchizedek Initiation Disk, Atlantia/Atlan unit Her wonderful work and years of research have been left in the writing of, "Educational Radionic Workbook & General Information", "Isthmus Of Time", "Doorway To Your Galactic Heritage". As she strives to move forward in her own evolution taking quantum leaps, she encourages others to do likewise. Her ongoing research in the areas of new inventions will help humanity as a whole. Life is a wonder and a surprise and when it ceases to be, then it is time to make some changes to bring in happiness and joy of Spirit once again.

This is an actual photo taken of the Creator of this Universe. Each Universe has it’s own creator, with it’s own agenda on what it desires to accomplish in that particular Universe. Our Earth is bi-polar meaning there will always be a positive and negative energy in this Universe, This is rare for a Universe to be bi-polar. Now the creator of this Universe comes to our area 7 to 8 times in a 24 hour period to see how we are doing with this game of bi-polarization.. If there is something you wanted to ask this great being, he is here for you.

We all in this universe and all dimensions in this universe were somewhere else, where we all knew who we were. Now we all decided to play this game of “I wonder what it would be like to forget who I am?” Now since we know who we were the “Not know who we were” would create a bi-polarization. Now this would be something NEWan expirment. All those that wanted to play this hide and seek game would need a playground in which to play this game. So those that create a universe were called upon to draw up the plans. The photo of the God of this universe was in charge of the design of it. Now this universe would be bi-polarized, so there would always be good and bad, right and wrong. What happenes in this universe would have to another universe where the opposite happens, the yin/yang. Now this would be a grand experiment. There are no other universes with this polarization but this one. So you can see we are very brave to play this game. Give yourself a pat on the back. In this universe it goes to one extreme to another. There is a pulling and a stretching to see how far can we take this game, but remember it is all of us doing it, no one is doing it to us.

Now all this gave me food for thought. If the words “I wonder what it is like not to remember who I am started the game” . Then the words “I WONDER WHO I AM”, would end the game. I asked my guides, if everyone in this universe on all dimensions including them, if we all thought or said at the same time “I WONDER WHO I AM” would we all pop out of this universe and they said YES. We would all be back to where we were but at a higher elevation. I asked what would happen to this Universe they said it had two choices, just disappear or stay around for any others who want to play this forget who I am game. How easy can it get.

There is a ribbon that is connected from the creator to you. It is either in balance or not. When the heart is not in balance it causes disease and breaks down the cells in the body. Ask to be totally connected to Source of all creation, and ask that being to send you a golden angel. Let that energy be all around you and about you and within you. Ask this ever day This asking stimulates the cleansing and the purifying of the heart. Then the heart opens. As the matter of discomfort or disease or pain or wounding falls away from the heart, it changes color in its auric field. Each organ within your body has it’s own auric field, and they combine to make a unified field for you as a physical being. Then the energy clears and the heart shines brightly with gold and white light. That is the moment when the healing begins. The white and gold energy, is pure unconditional love pouring into the heart area which then travels throughout the body on all levels. The only requirement to have this done is “YOU MUST ASK”.

If you have this experience every day, soon you will be healed whether your pain is physical or mental or spiritual, you will develop a better attitude, and in time love and healing and balance will exist between you and Creator. As you allow that love to shine from you and through you, perhaps you can ask that angel to be with you all the time and to be in and all around your body. Then that love will pass through you constantly in an endless flow. It can only do good for you and others. But you must ask. What have you to loose against what you will gain?


. In 1993 I was awakened from a deep sleep. I picked up my Polaroid camera and went outside, which was highly unusual for anyone to do. It was an extremely dark night with no stars in the sky. Rays of Rose and soft pinks were raining down from the heavens and the air was filled with the aroma of roses. It was 3:00 am in the morning, so the sky should have been as black as the night . I looked in awe and then took this photo. I then returned to bed. In the morning when I awoke I went to my computer and wrote a article called the Ray of Remembrance channeled by PAX.. If you would like to read it I can email it to you. What you are seeing in this photo is the Goddess of the Essence of the Divine Love’s first step upon the Earth.

. For the last 5,000 years we have been under the Male aspect of God and now the Goddess (or Female aspeact of God’s) energy is blending with it. The coming together of the male and female energy will work together in harmony and Divine Love. We have see the results of the male energy with all the wars. Now we will see a turn around with both energies balancing each other and the Earth. These energies will not only affect the Earth but, also male/female relationshops. It will bring more understanding and love between the sexes. Much anger and sorrow will dissipate. The women who would not marry because there were no suitable men out there will now find their soul mates. This coming together of soul mates is a result of this Goddess energy of Divine Love, now permeating our atmosphere.

Women around the world are still in bondage covering themselves in shame from head to foot instead of walking proud of their female mother goddess energy. They live in fear and are controlled by rules of days long past. Honoring the female the mother of the children of the future of the world is NOT done. Female children are sold for sex and die at early age. There was a period of 100 years where all female women and children were called witches and killed. Whole villages were wiped out, leaving only the men. On the discovery channel’s web site you can order a video, of the 100 year history of the so called witch hunts, which was an excuse to kill all healers.. Men are still abusing females mentally and physically even killing them for pleasure. Many are mutilated according to their old laws of control. This will be coming to an end but not before it gets worse.

This is a actual photo taken 9/20/07. It is a photo of our sun being upgraded by rays from the 4th sun from Alcyone in the Pleiades star system. Every 1,000 years or so it starts to radiate energy towards our sun to upgrade it.. The previous effort 1,000 years ago it was not able to complete the activation.. Although the pyramid appeared in 2007 it is still active and has upgraded all the pyramids around the world. You can see the triangle or pyramid in the middle of the sun representing three different star systems. Coming out of the cap of the pyramid is gold rising upward. In the past Alcyone was really Halcyone, the H was dropped from our books in order to control the financial funds of the masses. All abundance comes from Halcyone by dropping the H it can be controlled by the dark forces. You can see in the photo gold coming out of the cap of the pyramid bringing a return of abundance to the world. On our dollar bill we have the pyramid to remind us where prosperity comes from. If you have been drawn to visit the pyramids, it does not matter where they are, try to do so. This photo is an open invitation to receive information from your home planets and be upgraded at the pyramids. This 1000 year activation of our sun is a deep seated knowledge being infused for all mankind.