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Many times I am asked by someone saying” How do I become psychic? , “I want to see auras”, “I can’t meditate”, I want to see my guides”, and so on, and so on. I ask them to you drink coffee? They say yes, so that means that in this lifetime they decided not to be able to do these things, for they have impeded the process by drinking coffee. So, no matter what they do they will not be able to do these feats until they decide to stop drinking coffee altogether. Drinking coffee is the addiction choice of the mass consciousness.

Literally Caffeine changes the relationship between your blood and your heart. Normally the flow of blood excites the heart into motion. But caffeine causes the formation of a thin layer of energy around the heart muscles. This energetic layer causes the heart to pump out of step with the blood flow. In other words, the heart speeds up and takes off without the flow of blood causing it to speed up.

The same energy that surrounds the heart muscle is mirrored by an energy that runs around the physical body (not exactly. but as one note sounds in a different octave) it lies within the area traditionally thought of as the etheric layer, but it is not actually a part of that layer. It simple happens to have a spatial relationship in the body in the same area when viewed in the third dimension.

This energy relates as an upper octave to the energy around the heart. It too promotes a motion of energetic flow that is out of step with the normal flow of the etheric body. This caffeine energy flows at its own rate and overtakes the natural waves of the etheric body. Over a short time, a few hours, we see a buildup of shallow hills and troughs in the etheric body with very little natural movement.

As a result there is a lack of communication with the physical body and the surrounding subtile bodies of the aura. This may appear as a bit of disorientation or disconnection. The mind loses it’s ability to consult readily with the spirit and often becomes fixated on achieving or completing tasks that may or may not be the actual will of the spirit.

From the standpoint of a psychic, the effect of caffeine may appear as a movement of the general aura both upward and outward from the physical body. This exposes the backside to move forward from the physical body This exposes the backside particularly the tailbone, the small of the back and the kidneys. There is a perceived loss of support from spirit in this very venerable area and oftentimes a very real fear of attack emerges in the people who drink coffee or eat chocolates.

Likewise, it is nearly impossible to connect with others in form, trusting and communicating with them at a level of sacredness. Because of the disconnection from spirit, there is a greater dependence on the outward opinions of others. The I AM is not inwardly heard, nor heard easily from those trusted confidents around you. “AM I doing well?” becomes a constant, even urgent question to which each person around you must outwardly respond, since you can no longer hear your inner I AM.

On the other hand it also opens the third eye to psychic powers, but ingesting larger amounts of caffeine will also cause these grids to decay. As a result with a few words from a stranger or even from normal energies in the atmosphere or environment, there is a sense of being attacked. Your sense of privacy is heightened, and yet it is unattainable. Your ability to read others increases, but their pain, anger and other experiences seem to flood into your psychic mind and lodge deeply in this core area of your sixth charka. You become a channel for the world. In reality the energies of others truly do not enter in you. Rather the shared experiences that exist in higher dimensions linking you with all others are being exposed. The grids on the core of the sixth charka serve as a covering to multidimensional portals. When the grids are dissolved as caffeine may do, information from other lifetimes and probabilities can be accessed by you, unwillingly and unknowingly.

As a result any energy to which you are exposed will trigger similar energies from all lifetimes, from all dimensions, from all probabilities, to come into your awareness. No, wonder caffeinated people tend to overreact! Since we as a race tend to notice negative emotions much more than positive ones, you are apt to see these first. Society has a fixation on coffee and chocolate and STAR BUCKS is doing a booming business with this fixation of ours. Caffeine is the drug of choice at this time. Don’t let it be yours and follow the crowd, but move forward in your evolution and spiritual path. Caffeine keeps you tightly connect to the mass consciousness which can be controlled.

Now there is something a person can do to rehook themself back to their spirit body. You have heard about a Merkaba it is also called a star tetrahedron. If you look at the second photo I have captured the electromatic energy coming out of one of the tips on the merkaba.. If a person wore a merkaba on their chest it would re-attach them to their spirt body as well as give them much added physical ENERGY. It would not correct the damage it has done to their kidneys or other various parts of the physical body. But at least by reconnecting to their spirit body and soul, this would enable them to bring in correct information. You will feel a big differece in your increaased level of energy. The Sterling silver merkaba comes from Isreal. The Sterling silver merkaba is $39.95 + S/H.

If you prefer a gemstone or a crystal merkaba the price is $24.95 & S/H Let me know the color of gemstone you prefer and I will see if I have it. It does not matter if the merkaba is sterling silver, gemastone or crystal they all do the same work. What are you drawn to? They all come with a silver chain to wear it.

The Merkabah is a geometric pattern of Light energy that forms around ascending souls at various stages in the process of converting their form from a mortal carbon-based to an immortal silicon-based body. The Merkabah is already partially formed around forth density souls. Its primary purpose is to protect them from unfavorable environmental conditions during ascension. It can be likened to a chrysalis around a caterpillar that is becoming a butterfly.

As the soul moves through the various stages of ascension, the Merkabah becomes more solid and easily recognizable to clairvoyants and those already vibrating at fifth density. Eventually, the Merkabah serves to enable ascended souls to travel through space without the need for a mechanical transport device such as a spacecraft. However, the fully-formed Merkabah does not manifest itself until the later stages of ascension.

Star of David *** $29.95+ s/h

The Star of David with a 18” box chain. Both are 925 sterling silver. I asked what does the Star of David do when you wear it. They said the two pyramids combined to make the Star. Bringing the heavens to the Earth. You connect with the higher powers of God/Goddess,, they make you feel like you are not alone on this Earth. There is no death, I cannot die. It empowers you. I only have a limited amount of the amethyst star of david and will not be able to any more of this type. The Mekraba can be worn with the Star of David.

Octahedron by itself $28.00 & S/H

Turritella Fossil Shells $10.00 plus S/H

Turritella Fossil shells have a reverse spin to them. When you hold this rock you think there is no energy coming from it. But in reality it goes back in time to your Akashic records. If you are at a turning point in your life and don't know which path to take, this rock will show you which path you have already taken so you don't follow it again. Use in meditation for information on your past lives.


You receive 36 small (about 1/2 dram) bottles all in a display box. Fragrances vary slightly but may include, carnation, orange, lily of the valley, jasmine, lemon, daffodil, ocean breeze, rose, ice follich, tuberose, melatti, osmanthus, eucalyptus, violet, ginger, lavender, sandalwood and tulip. If you wanted to use the Essential oils to send radionically, just put a drop on the sending plate on your machine. This wonderful set of rare oils comes from India. $39.50 + s/h

BUDDHA made of wood from Indonesa the base is 4"x4"and 8" tall. Cost $9.95 plus s/h.

Colloidal setup $155.00+ s/h

Includes the following:

1 Colloidal Silver book by Mark Metealf 1 Colloidal Silver Generator 2 extra .9999 Silver Wires

Silver has been around for over 100 years. During that time people have used it to treat all kinds of ailments in themselves as well as animals. It is very safe to use.

Colloidal Silver became less popular when anti-biotics were discovered in the 1940's. Anti-biotics have become increasingly less effective, and now Colloidal Silver is becoming much more popular.

It's usually best make your own Colloidal Silver using a generator. By following the step by step instructions which are included, it makes it very simple and easy to do. Buying it already bottled can be expensive. Using a Colloidal Silver Generator, you can make a small or large amount of Colloidal Silver. It will save you money over time, and you will also be able to have a fresh batch of it whenever you want.