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The 5 Platonic solids (Tetrahedron Cube or (Hexahedron),Octahedron, Dodecahedron & Icosahedron) are ideal, primal models of crystal patterns that occur throughout the world of minerals in countless variations. There are only five regular polyhedra, that is, the only five solids made from the same equilateral equiangular polygons. To the Greeks, these solids symbolized fire, earth, air, spirit (or ether) and water respectively. The cube and octahedron are duals, meaning that one can be created by connecting the midpoints of the faces of the other. The Icosahedron and dodecahedron are also duals of each other, and three mutually perpendicular, mutually bisecting golden rectangles can be drawn connecting their vertices and midpoints, respectively. The tetrahedron is a dual to itself.


This comes to $10.00 per geometry gem stone + $5.00 for the wooden case

These wonderful geometric crystals can be used on your radionics machine or as you are guided to use them. Just put the geometric crystal on the sending plate on your radionics to send to the person, or place. You do not need anyting else on the sending plate. Sacred Geometry is an instrument of dialog between man and God, permitting us to find unity inside nature’s diversity it provides complete understanding and experience to consciously shape our future and accelerate the ascension process. They show us how to open our hearts and evolve the consciousness through models.

CUBE is made up of a square in its higher sense. This means that the cube could feel discomfort, but is more likely to be compassionate toward discomfort and have within it solutions for all discomfort. Thus the cube is a higher expression of discomfort, and anything that might have within the forms of the square (which of course if made up of lines) would be capable of feeling discomfort. Since we are in a training ground for creators, all square shapes have the expression of the cube as their higher potential. That is why the resolution of discomfort is almost always readily available to you, at least in theory, if not applied in fact. The resolution is already there.

OCTAHEDRON - EIGHT SIDES. The record keepers are connected to that which has total knowledge of this solar system the higher dimensional shape of the crystal holding this information is the Octahedron Crystal. It stores the knowledge of our solar system the shape itself is involved with memory. It might well also function in other solar systems to accumulate their wisdom. It records all things everywhere in case the record needs to be referred to in any moment. In this higher dimensional crystal can be accessed by meditation. The higher dimensions are more in the mechanical function of the universe so that there is no chance of their being disturbed, intentionally or otherwise.

The Merkaba is also called Star Tettrahedron which connects the spirit body with the physical body. When you drink coffee, smoke or take drugs you become disconnected from your spirit and the information that is available The wearing of a Merkaba on a chain over the chest will reconnect you to your spirit and the information. It will not heal the damage that has been done to the physical body from the use of substances but at least you will be reconnected.


The Dodecahedron has to do with the 3rd charka. Is to maintain or hold the line or action, to maintain the balance. Not to go over board into anger, it is important to be efficient and sturdy in any situation. But some people go overboard, if I do not get this I will get angry at you. So, this helps people hold their place and get the proper words, for any situation.. When they are meditating and holding the Dodecahedron on the 3red charka and have a sense of holding the line it will empower them. This is for men and women that want to put their energies into holding the line with a sturdy foundation for their thoughts and their power systems.


The Icosahedrons helps broaden their horizons to open their third eye. If you use it during meditations, it would bring in more fantasies to them. It would help people who are writing fiction books or telling great stories, it would open new imaginational horizons to them. Bringing in information on past lives, future lives, bringing it all in, so there is a larger selection of ideas they can be aware of. This information will come in via the 3rd eye. On the down side if the person is not grounded enough to utilize the information and they already live in great fear of people watching them or harming them, this will intensify these thoughts. They would need work on the radionic machine as well as use the large healing templates to sleep on to remove these unseen fears. To get the most use out of the Icosahedrons you must be grounded. Do not tape it to the third eye for the energy would be too great and results would be too overwhelming. Hold in hand when meditating or put in a pocket.


Spherical gem stones are easy to find but if you cannot find one I have them in different sizes and gemstones so the prices would vary. You would have to email me to see what I have on hand. Spherical is cyclical it is a continuum of energy it is to remind the person of their wholeness of their cellular structure. When you see a circle it reminds your inner being that there is no beginning and no end. It reminds each individual that their tiny little cellular structure holds all memory to healing; each little cell holds all memory of the all. Each cell reminds them of the whole universe and their connection to it. When holding it or looking at it renews this information..

Set of 12 colored diamonds - $65.00 + s/h

The diamonds are 1-1/2" nice size for the radionics machines. You can see the movement of the diamond energy as it weaves upward.

This rare, beautiful set of 12 crystalline diamonds will open other dimensions of information for you. The crystalline structure of the diamond holds the energy of the different dimensions. The diamond has 8 sides representing 8th dimensional energy or frequencies. There are 12 diamonds in the box representing... the 1st to the 12 planes of existence . The 12 th plane of exsistance is the God head many have written that it is the 7th but that is false information.. That is because most cannot go beyond 5th dimensional information therefore they think it is the highest plane. The 12th dimension is where the soul resides as it continues to grow in love. This is why the number 12 is so important and we see it in so many things. 1 doz eggs, 12 months, 1 doz donuts, 12 days of Christmas, etc. A raindrop is in the form of a diamond 8 sided.. If you took a high speed photo of the raindrop you would see it. It is raining diamonds from heaven on us, how great can that be?

You can use the colored diamonds to do crystalline work on your chakras. Lie down and place them on your chakras and above your head where there are new chakras coming into being to connect with outer space information.. They can also be put on the radionics machine on the chakras. See radionic book on chakras. Meditate on them to connect with the various dimensions. From your spirit there are fibers that connect you to all the planes of existence, so when you meditate on a particular plane increase your connections to it. Therefore you are able to tap into world upon world of information. Before you come into this lifetime you write the script on what you want to do and not do. If you put into your script that you will channell then you can. If you did not put it in your script then no matter what you do will not be able to channell. The reason I am telling you this that if you put it in your script that you can channell. then making a circle of these 12 diamonds and sitting in the middle of the circle will help you get started. The energy of the 8 will help your throat chakra. Good luck with it.

OCTAGON necklace - 8 sided black bead. Get energized and look pretty at the same time. Great gift idea! $18.00 + s/h