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High Blood Pressure Medications Are Causing Sexual Dysfunction in Men

By Caroline Connor

Recently it came to my attention that men taking high blood pressure medications ended up having erectile dysfunction as a result. It is estimated 85% of men experience these side effects. Erectile dysfunction becomes more common as men age, but it is not necessarily a normal part of aging.

It is known that diuretics, water pills, and beta-blockers can cause erection problems. These are also the first drugs that a doctor is likely to prescribe if you are not able to lower your high blood pressure through diet and exercise.

If you are taking any medications for the above, you may be tempted to add another to your regimen to treat your low libido, or bypass it altogether with a drug to treat erectile dysfunction called Viagra. For starters, Viagra does nothing directly to enhance your libido or the fact that many cases are undoubtedly emotionally based. Your brain and nervous system control your sex glands and genitals, and this is why they also control your sexual desire, as well as orgasms.

If you are wondering, Viagra does carry a risk of potentially serious side effects such as loss of sight and hearing.

AUG-02-07: On July 8, the FDA approved new labeling for Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra to reflect reports of sudden vision loss. That vision loss is attributed to a blockage of blood flow to the optic nerve.

MAY-27-05: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is talking to the world's largest drug maker regarding reports of blindness and vision loss associated to the impotence drug Viagra.

The women found their sexual freedom with the pill to prevent them from getting pregnant. But what happen to the men sexually? They became sexual dysfunctional due to the medications they were taking. Is there a conspiracy going on to keep the men and women apart? Who is manipulating this war on the sexes? Is it the Pharmaceutical Companies to cause sexual problems for huge profits?

It is time to take back your health with natural options the old fashion way. The following foods turned into juice will clear up many of the above problems. One side effect of juicing is the hair on your head will become more thicker and the cells in your body will renew at a faster rate. The list of foods are celery, cucumbers, apples, kale, ginger and add small amount of lemon juice to it. Put them in your Nutribullet and which you can buy at Walmart or the internet.

Many years ago I was told the cigarette smoking would be banned and marijuana would be made legal. One by one we are seeing states pass the bills to legalize it. Marijuana, like all plant substances placed upon this earth, has a proper use for the human race. However, using it to alter the threshold of perception was not originally intended. This plant has many wonderful healing properties when used as a tea, an extract and the like, but to burn the plant and inhale its fumes is a misuse, the danger of which cannot be too strongly underlined. Firstly, the inhalation of smoke of any kind is harmful to the physical body. Secondly, the nature of the chemicals contained in the smoke from this plant, or more particularly the aetheric counterparts of these chemicals, wreaks havoc on the delicate aetheric tissues of the head and lungs. This damage becomes permanent in a habitual smoker of Marijuana, and eventually the changes filter down to the astral and physical bodies. In later lives find themselves further from their goal in terms of the development of natural spiritual gifts.

The Pharmaceutical Companies will go through the same downfall as the Cigarette Companies. Information will be made available regarding the numerous deaths caused by the side effects of some medications, which they knew about. They will be held accountable for this cover-up.

Why is SEX so important to mankind. Did God give us sex just to reproduce? In my book Educational Radionics Workbook & General Information I have a chapter on Astrology in which I list the various signs and their compatible signs. Now why is Astrology so important? When you are Astrologically compatible you feel good around that person. What you are doing is energizing each others auric field. Just by being near that person your energy fields start to rejuvenate and expand. You want to share this happiness with others Your auras become as one when you are together. You think the same and can read each thoughts and feelings. When you have sex you bring up your life force energy to sustain your physical body. You may recall many times when you walked into a room full of people and you looked around your eyes met with someone else. This meeting of eyes is when your aura and theirs touched and set off a spark which made you both look up at the same time to see what was going on. You both were recharging your batteries, which is an on going exchange daily.

When your partner is the same Sun sign and Rising sign then you create neutral zone resulting in no energy exchange. The both of you may then start having physical illnesses. The statement he makes me sick would be very true in this instances. You will then seek other family members or friends, for your survival source.

It is important that your off spring is born within the month that is compatible with the two of you. Otherwise the child starts off life with no one to renew his energy field. He will be fighting with one or the other parent for this vital energy he needs. This will become a way of life for this child in order for him to survive, until he goes to school and finds a compatible companion.

In the 1900's and on, Sex was controlled by the churches, the so called sins against the flesh. The sexual revolution really started with the Flower Children in the 60's which slowly brought about the pill for women. I was a Catholic at that time and any kind of birth control was against God's will. I got a diaphragm but had a hard time using it. In the confessional I told the priest I had used it twice and he said. “Now if God wanted something between my legs he would have put it there”. If I wanted absolution I had to promise I would not use it again. I said yes I would not use it again. So that week I went to the doctor and got a prescription for the pill. I took back my power regarding choices.

Since Sex is an important factor for a healthy life with the right compatible energy source meaning a compatible companion, you can see how sexual dysfunction can destroy a persons health. The male taking the medications that are causing this dysfunction are now open to loss of his vital life force from being regenerated naturally. He wonders why he is feeling so tired and down but also his self esteem has gone down the tubes. He thinks he is the only one with this problem. Little does he know that there is a war going on against mankind and he is one of the victims. But you can change it and turn it around and have some fun doing it. Let the party begin with discretion because when you have sex you bond with their energy field for life.