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Raises your DNA frequency, past, present & future!If your DNA needs repair or replacing it will be done. If your DNA is fine and you just need the physical body healed it will be done.

First bottle comes with a CD cost $150.00

Each bottle after that is $100.00 + S/H

#1 Endocraine System Bottle

Adrenal Glands, Ovaries, Pancreas, Pituitary Gland, Testicles, Thymus, Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

#2 Skeletal System Bottle

Scapula, Spine, Vertebra and Disk, Ligaments of the Sacrum, Lower leg and ankle ligaments, anticular capsules, sternum, tarsal bones, carpal bones, condyles of the humerus, capsule of the shoulder joint, clavicle, the coccyx, ligaments, Cora humeral ligament, the ribs, extensor retinal, deltoid ligament, phalanges, ligaments of the foot femur, fibular collateral ligament, fibula, humerus, pelvis, ill femoral ligament, ischium, interclavicles ligaments, interossous membrane, in transverse ligaments, tibla, patellar ligament.

#3 Cardiovascular System Bottle

Abdominal aorta, cephalic vein, anterior tibial artery, arch of the aorta, arcuate artery, aaxillary artery, basllic vein, brachial artery vein, bronchus, carotid arteries, circumflex fibular artery, abdominal veins and arteries, common illac artery, cricold cartilage, femoral artery vein, palmar arteries veins, dorsal carpal arteries veins, dorsal metatarsal arteries veins, epiglottis, external carotid artery vein, external illac artery, external illac vein, femoral artery vein, saphenous veins, the heart, inferior vena cava, intermediate ante brachial vein, internal illac artery, illac vein, jugular veins, lateral femoral circumflex artery vein, genicular artery, pulmonary artery vein, lungs, posterior tibial artery, radial artery vein, retromandlbular vein, brachlocephalic artery vein, Ulnar artery vein, veins, thyroid cartilage, trachea.

#4. Urinary System Bottle

Urethra, renal pelvis, kidneys, the medial umbilical ligament, Bowman’s capsule, renal medulla, ureter.

#5 Digestive System Bottle

Appendix, large intestine, epiglottis, gall blaldder, liver, mouth, trachea, salivary glands, rectum, small intestine, spleen, stomach, the tooth,

#6 Muscular System Bottle

Pectoral muscles, abdoctor muscles, adductor longus, biceps brachil, brachial , brachioradalis muscle.

#7 Lymphatic System Bottle

Lymph nodes, lymphatic trunks, lymphatic system.

#8 Nervous System Bottle

Spinal nerves, brain, sciatic nerves, common plantar digital nerve, The ear, The eyhe, facial nerves, femoral nerves, hair follicles, lateral plantar nerve, medial nerves, medial plantar nerve, musculocutaneous nerve, nasal passages, palmar nerve, posterior femoral cutaneous nerve, pudenda nerve, saphenous nerve, sciatic nerves, skin, sural nerve, tongue, ulnar nerves.

#9 Female Reproductive System Bottle

The mammary gland, cervix, fallopian tubes, labia minor, ovary ligaments, ovaries, uterus, vagina, vulva.

#10 Male Reproductive System Bottle

Cowper’s (Bulbourethral) glands, ductus deferens, penis, prostrate gland, testicles.

#11 Heal the complete physical body. This bottle takes longer but you only need the one bottle.

Each bottle is made just for the person. Others in the family cannot use the bottle. It is made for your DNA only. Who can use the bottle? Adults, children, elederly, and animals. To use the bottle you have to hold it or you can also wear it while listening to the music. You can't just order this item, I have to talk to you and ask you some questions. So you will have to phone me ....phone number 321/727-1117


CJ writes, I have 3 hernated disc in the lower back and 2 in the back of the neck. I decided not to have back surgery for they wanted to put a steel rod in my back and take a piece of bone from my hip. Since my hip was fine did not want to invade it. So every day for years I have had pain and walking any distance was a problem. Since using the Mircle bottle ....in a very short time all the pain is completly gone from my body and I am walking more upright where before was bend over. I realized I could walk longer when I was in a store an hour and relized I did not have any pain.

TW writes I had a problem with urine leakage for years with the use of the Mircle bottle my urine leakage problem is completly gone.

MJ writes I am using the bottle and found I started to loose weight on top of what I was really working on.This was an unexpected surprise.

MW writes all her allergies are gone, and is in a more happy state of mind. She is very competative and when she played cards was very unhappy when she lost. Now does not seem to mind as much. Her back pain has improved greatly.

DJ writes, she had polio as a child and her legs and feet have a weakness about them. Walking or standing for any lengh of time was a problem. She report her muscles where getting stronger and walking with no pain. Her goal is to be able to wear high heals since her one foot has a tendency to turn inward, breaking down her shoe.