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Health Problems - Use the following together - Fountain of Youth (physical), Stabilizer (Emotions), and Enerforce (blockages). All health problems seem from various sources therefore you need to use all three templates for better results. Sleeping sounder and waking up more refreshed seems to be one of the benefits many have reported. There is also a large increase in energy resulting in getting more accomplished at work and at home.

Emotional Problems. - Use Stabilizer with the Enerforce template. Emotional changes in anger, fear, guilt, sorrow, despair, loneliness, a need to please others, a need to control others, unexplainable sadness, dependence upon another for your survival, regrets and so on. There may be some past life blockages that need to be removed to bring about, better balancing in the emotional field. When they disappear you will almost forget that they ever existed in you.

Depression - use Stabilizer and Enerforce, also use a yellow outdoor spotlight on yourself. When using all the templates depression leaves completely. If you find you are still having bouts of depression then I would suggest that you have your Silver Cord checked by me Radionically.

Blockages - Use the Enerforce Template. Enerforce is used for backaches, knee problems, blockages from present and past life times. Enerfoce is used for past life recall. This template will work very speedy for many in removing blockages. This also pertains to blockages from past lives as well. The magnetic field around the earth is making a great deal of difficulty for many that have been working on others as teachers or healers. They are pulling up the energy from the earth so fast, it is causing problems, because of all the electronics and magnetic disturbances on the earth at this time. This template, opens the blockages that these disturbances have caused. This healing energy will start at feet going forcefully though the knee in a very pleasant way. Those that have been teachers will see faster results. Those that have EGO stuck in the knee area this will take a little bit more time to heal. When you first start using these templates you will start to detoxify naturally, which means you will be going to the bathroom more.

If you find that you are uncomfortable when using this template then go slowly with it. If you do channeling you may feel your Kundalini starting up, slow down with this template. As these blockages start to be removed you will start having past life recall. This could happen while you are wide awake and happen as an over lay of a lifetime. It may be a shock for you at the moment until you realize what you are having. You also will have past life recall in your dream state. If you work with your dreams by writing them down, you will have some wonderful experiences and remembrances.

To enhance your IQ and Memory - Use Magnaverse for Mental Clarity and focus with the Enerforce template. If the information starts to come in too quickly slow down the use of these templates. Those that are in the business world will find an increase in creative ideas. If you are an A type personality, do not use over 3 times a week. You may be overloaded with ideas for your job. Creative writing and creative outlet are results of this combination, plus an increase in advanced mental abilities. In the last three years there has been a large increase in people thinking they are getting Alzheimers disease as a direct result of the loss of memory skills. The truth of the matter is the magnetic fields around our poles have been wobbling. This will not only affect the weather but also our magnetic field which is made up mostly of water and contains metals which pick up these distortions.

When this happens our magnetic/auric field does not function in the manner that it should resulting in the minds' electrical circuits shutting down, causing forgetfulness, memory loss, lethargy and sluggishness in the body. When it is stabilized, the mind can function properly. The Magnaverse template was made to balance and reverse the effect of the polar disturbance, resulting in the repair of the short and long term memory.

FEAR - Put the Stabilizer template right on the chest area and it will suck it out. There is so much fear being sent out through the TV and Newspapers, on crime etc, that it can become overwhelming. Unfortunately fear freezes your ability to become creative and to enjoy life. Laughter dissipates fear.

Enhance your Psychic Ability - use Magnaverse and the Enerfoce template together.

Childhood Abuse (verbal, sexual, physical) these scars will affect you as an adult for years. Use Stabilizer, Fountain of Youth, and the Enerforce templates. This year and in the coming years much information will be brought to light regarding thousands of children that have been programmed to do undercover work. To program these children they used the most hideous of torture. Many of these children are now adults with much scarring. If you are in the healing arts you may have had them come to you already. Suggest the above templates to help them. Also use this combination for spousal abuse.

ADDICTIONS - use the following templates Adicgon, Stabilizer and Enerforce templates. Regarding the ADICGON template for Addictions, I would like to give you an example of the past history of why one would need this template. When the Orion war took place which was for thousands of years, many groups of people wanted to leave and live on other planets. To do this, they felt they had to commit suicide in order to leave the planet as a group. When they did this it put an IMPRINT in them. In order to have FREEDOM they had to commit suicide. After reincarnating and becoming new inhabitants of other planets, they did not want to commit suicide to have freedom. So, instead they have unconsciously committed a slow suicide by smoking, drinking and using drugs.

There is a ring around the earth where they go when they die, They cannot go any further than this ring. In order for them to be released of this imprint, they must sleep or sit on the Adicgon template. This removes the imprint, as well as opens a doorway for them to go on with their evolution. (As we have seen there are still groups committing mass suicide.) This is so unfortunate when there is no longer a need to do this, to have FREEDOM. Their emotional state does not cause the addictions. It is the other way around. The imprint for freedom causes the addictions, which in turn causes the emotional imbalances. Therefore, they also need to use the Stabilizer and the Enerforce templates with it. If you have had any of these addictions in this lifetime and have stopped, you still have that imprint and it has to be removed.

There have been some cases where guides have told mothers to have their children use the ADICGON template in conjunction with others. Past lives had left severe scarring In them. For example, afraid of the dark, afraid of sleeping alone, eating the same thing over and over again, unable to make friends, seems to be in a world of their own, flaky. Using the ADICGON removed these unknown fears.


Wavellite, carries the energy and vibrations of the ANGELIC ANGELS, you can hold the stone or wear it in a pouch on your chest under your clothing for comfort and protection. The next 7 years is called a WALK WITH GOD, in which many Earth changes will be taking place. Many will be calling on their Angels for help and protection during these trying times. Wavellite is a mineral with very soft energies radiating out of it. This stone is to remind people of their own beginnings and of their angelic connections. The Angels are neither male/female, they are one balanced energy of all that one can be.. When you hold this stone in your hand or wear it on your chest you are aware that you can be all that you want to be, you will feel that now there is a possibility for you. It will make you aware of your own connection with star vibrations coming forth to the Earth at this time. It will also assist those that keep getting rips in their auric fields. Check with me to see if I have stone available and the price.