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The large activated personalized templates come with instructions and information. The Large personalized templates are a direct results of 20 years of research in the field of Radionics. My quest for the human race to get help without having to own a Radionic machine. The template will raise your vibrations in order to bring about the changes you have wanted to improve your life style. Also as we move closer and closer to 2012 and on we have to have our vibrations higher to go into the 4th and 5th dimension. How easy can it be you just sleep on the templates and it keeps increasing your vibrations.

Stop and think of all the things you have tried so far. How about frantic fasting, disagreeable detoxification, non-fat foods, destaining dairy products, bowl after bowl of brown rice and enough salubrious salads to choke a forest full of rabbits. In addition, you've tried monotonous meditation, jarring jogging, vacuum-packed vitamins, herbal hokum, year-round Yoga. Advanced aroma therapy, and even rapid Reiki. Just think, here is the answer you have been waiting for, and all you have to do is sleep on it.


Some of my clients have small children with inner ear infections , that have been prescribed a total of four different antibiotics. In order, they are amoxicillin, cefzil, sulfatrim, and lorabid. The infection is still not clearing up, and an ENT specialist has now suggested tube surgery After they have gone the route of antibiotics with no success they found me before they had the tubes put in. I suggested the Foutain of Youth and the Stabilizer templates for the child to sleep on. I also told them it was OK for the child to carry around with them. The ear infections and low grade fevers cleared up and no tubes were necessary. I asked my guides why are so many children having to have these tubes placed in their ears.

My guides said that when the baby is being formed the genetics have stayed the same. But the Earth’s is changing therefore the frequency is a higher frequency which causes pain in the inner ear, so the ears close down. By the putting the tubes in their ears it keeps the ear channel open. Therefore they have to keep increasing the size of the tube as the child grows. The second reason, it is an easy surgery costing a lot of money and it is being done when it is not really needed in some children. I told my guides I had suggested the mothers get the Fountain of Youth and the Stabilizer templates for their children and the problem disappeared. Indeed they said, this combination would stabilize the child’s inner ear frequency solving the hearing problem. No other action would be needed end of problem and ear infections. If you know someone who is having this problem with their children, please pass on this information so their child can get a permanent solution without having tubes put in their ears.

The templates affect the chromosome factor which opens a wave factor of a higher color code. This allows it to function simultaneously with many double helixes, in many Light-time zones towards the building of the body of Light which can work directly with multiple physical embodiments of the Over self. Our energy conversion has been prepared and focused through a series of interconnecting geometric pyramidal cones of color and sound to regenerate us throughout the eons of time transition. Sound harmonics are placed in numerical sequences in the Large healing templates which correspond to all spheres of manifestation. As an extra benefit you will start to hear music when their is no music. So, don't think you are going out of your mind. Better music then than constant bombardment of ELF sounds.

When ordering these templates include your date of birth for the templates are programmed just for you and your needs. Put the templates under the sheet on your bed and sleep on them.

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Template (Physical body healing template)

MAGNAVERSE Template (Mental clarity and focus)

STABILIZE Template (Emotional & Physical balancing & healing)

ENERFORCE (Back & Knee problems, blockages & past life recall)

ADICGON Template (Addictions)

Smaller Templates of the above for wearing under your clothes

Limited SALE price buy 4 lg templates get the 5th for FREE

$65.00 + S/H

$65.00 + S/H

$65.00 + S/H

$65.00 + S/H

$65.00 + S/H

$45.00 + S/H

A Plastic container that can be worn under the clothing can hold up to 3 templates. Measures 4" by 3 1/2" (you cannot purchase the smaller templates unless you have the larger one. The larger templates that you sleep on hold more energy for the purpose it was intended.)

Note: You may buy the large healing templates as a gift for someone, but you must tell them before hand what you are doing. They must agree to accept them. You cannot slip these large Healing templates under their bed sheet without their knowledge. You cannot interfere with their Free Will to choose. Since these templates push you forward in your evolution it has to be their personal choice.

The Large Healing Templates are for life and do not turn off at death. Indeed they assist you to make wise choices at the moment of your passing. Now that you have raised your vibrational frequency there is no need to get back on the wheel of reincarnation. Indeed you do not want to go into a white light tunnel but a blue light if you decide to go through a tunnel. You have been told don't bedazzled by the bright white light it may not go where you want to go. Keep in mind you do not need to though any tunnel. In fact now that you have started to raise your vibrations you will discover the many diverse opportunities that you have at that moment and will chose your own path, rather than follow the masses back to reincarnation. Have you not been told that in My Father's House there are many Mansions! The big secret is out, you do have a choice! You just have to be vibrating at the right level to be aware of it.

All the templates are programmed for PROSPERITY for the owner. Many people have reported success in getting a new job or being promoted after using them. Many reported getting the new car they wanted, whereas before everything seemed to be at a dead-end. Most of all many are reporting romance entering their lives very unexpectedly, giving them a whole new lease on life.

Do not use an others symbols with my work, it will give you mixed results that will turn off the templates. Many people are buying New Age jewelry which has a spring in it. Or other symbols that have a spring or cork screw look to it. These devices are for transmitting misinformation to you. They will interfere with my templates resulting in my templates shutting down. Water beds ( electric on and off) heating pads, electrical blankets, will interfere with the templates, it will not turn them off, but it will take longer for your desired results.

Eating Disorders - Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia
Anorexia and Nervosa is an aversion to food, being obsessed with weight loss. Bulimia is a continuous abnormal hunger. Eating disorders would come under a past life memory or imprint. For instance, many were put in concentration camps in World War II. Rather than have someone else do it to them again, they will control the situation this time. Another example, during the days of Lemuria which was Earth’s Garden of Eden. The High Priestess would carry the Goddess energy for their healing work. In order to do this they had to have a great deal of weight around their body. Since they were so tall, the weight would have to correspond to it. The more they used their spiritual powers the more weight they put on to carry this high frequency. During this time Vulcan made its trip throughout the universe and when it came to this sector hit part of Earth causing great destruction of all vegetation and life forms. Great weather changes took place and most animals died. People were starving and frighten, their great leaders they felt should have foreseen this tragedy. Since there was no food available they turned to cannibalism. The first that they went after where those that carried a lot of weight.. Hence if you were one of the gifted and more spiritual beings you were one of the first to be killed and eaten. In this lifetime if you become heavy you may be eaten, this is a past life trigger that has to be removed. Past life regression will also help, see chapter on removing this trigger.- the templates that will help are Enerforce, Stabilizer, Fountain of Youth and Adicgon.

Elderly - You can give them the tools that will makes death's transition easier. The Stabilizer template to take the fear out of passing over. The Enerforce template will remove blockages from them that hold the belief that they must suffer to go to heaven. So, they would rather suffer now than at death. Both are falsehoods. There is no need to suffer, these blockages should be removed. You should talk to them about death. Life and death are just one experience to another. There is much fear of the unknown. You should plan what you want to do after death, just like going from one job to another. If you are a healer you can help those that go over to the over side. Many do not know that they have died and hang around. They do not need to look for a white light or a tunnel for this is limiting their choice. The tunnel is blue not white. At death, the templates help you to be fully aware of who you are and your choices. Including going back to your home planet of seeding. In my book "ISTHMUS OF TIME" I go into this in detail.

The Stabilizer with the Enerforce templates brings balance in the emotional and physical bodies. If after using these two templates, you become ill, it means that you have not taken care of the problem that needs to be resolved once and for all. You cannot become completely stabilized If you are in a relationship you should have let go years and ago, and are still holding on to it for one reason or another. you cannot become completely stabilized. You are continuing this fight within yourself, whether to stay or to let go. I know many marriages that should have ended years ago. The partner is holding on for financial reasons, hoping the other spouse will drop dead and leave them a rich survivor. (What kind of KARMA are they setting themselves up with.) Am I staying with you out of love or because I will make money off your dead carcass?

In your next relationship, will someone wait for you to die for the same reason? (That is how the game of KARMA, is played over and over again). They want a badge of courage for sticking it out all these years. In reality they have hampered their spiritual progress deeply. They are filled with resentments, disappointments, loneliness, despair and many times hatred for the other spouse. Their cupboards are filled with herbs, vitamins, minerals, this and that in hopes of feeling better. They run from this doctor to that healer and so on. Alas nothing helps that ache and loneliness within their soul. Since they have not made these changes, anger is their constant companion. Angry at them selves as well as their spouse. When there is constant anger, it saps the life force out of you and empties your soul. By staying in these relationships only one person they are injuring is themselves. These templates give you the STRENGTH AND COURAGE, to make these important decisions, but it is up to you to carry them out. No one else can do it for you.


Lose Weight - use the Fountain of Youth with the Stabilizer and Enerforce templates This combination of energies will cover you from all angles. There are many reasons one carries weight. It is not what the general public has come to believe nor what the medical world wants you to believe. There are other reasons. If you watch your pets or elderly parents and their weight you will see a direct connection to their health. When they have a few added pounds and get sick, they rebound much quicker. If before or during the time of the illness they lose considerable weight, their recovery takes longer or they pass on. This should tell us something about the protection of added pounds and the immune system. Here are a few examples of why a person may have more body weight around them.

Example #1 - The ancient Lyrans were Titans, standing 20 to 30 feet tall, from a planet much greater in size than ours. They were white skinned, with blond hair, usually had blue eyes, and had a life span of around 2,000 years. They were a warlike race that had not only developed technically, but were quite advanced in the use of spiritual power. They moved their warlike forces around the galaxy and used their great power to take control of many thousands of lesser developed races. Over the years the Lyran blood line was mixed with other civilizations, creating many different colors and races which spread throughout the galaxy.

The High priest or High Priestess would carry the Goddess energy for their healing work. In order to do this they had to have a great deal of weight around their body. Since they were so tall, the weight would have to correspond to it. The more they used their spiritual powers the more weight they put on to carry this high frequency. This energy is the Goddess rays of love or the Female energy. In the last 5,000 years we have been under the Male aspect of God and now the Goddess energy is blending with it. Many women at this time are carrying this frequency and in fact may have for the past two life times prepared their bodies to carry the Female Goddess energy. The more they move forward in their spiritual evolution the more weight they will put on.

Example #2 - Many of you have volunteered to work in places you usually would not venture. This is where many of the dark forces are working. You places this weight around yourself as protection, so not to contaminate your soul pieces. When you are no longer needed in these places of work, you will move on to more suitable places where you will no longer need this protection. If you want to hurry the process in the work place, get a string of small crystals and scatter them around the grounds and in the buildings. This will hasten your need to be there. Make sure you place them behind cabinets that will not be moved or where they will not be vacuumed up.

Example #3 - If you are in a marriage or a relationship where there is physical or emotional abuse, the weight is your protection, like a shield. The way to end this is to leave the situation. Do not wait until it has done great damage to your physical body as well as your spiritual soul. Only you can get your things together and start a new life. See templates for abuse.

Example #4 - A lot of Light Workers work in many other dimensions, leaving their body quite often. When they come back into their bodies, they do not fully anchor themselves. By that I mean they are only in part way. To ground themselves, or to hold the small part that is in the body, they need the weight. Moving their toes and thinking themselves all the way to the toes would help. Most are only in, up to the heart chakra. The templates will also help ground you.


QUANTUM LEAP TEMPLATE - This template is made up as a one of a kind template. After you have used the other templates for 6 months, and you feel you are ready to move forward in your evolution, you may request this very unusual work. It is a doorway that pulls you through to your next level of soul. I must review your Arkashic records with my guides ( to access if you are ready). Karma is then moved out very fast with the help of the other templates. There will be some adjustments to your physical body causing you to sleep while you are integrating this change. You must to be in a position that you can take a nap when the feeling overpowers you. When moving forward you may need another piece of your soul to be brought in during this transition. You never bring all 14 pieces of soul, here on earth because of the contamination of this dimension. You only bring in the parts that are needed to do the job. This is an enormous step in your evolution, so it cannot be taken lightly.

When you came as a baby, you may have brought more pieces of soul in with you. For example, joy and laughter, and freedom. As you grew up, your parents, teachers, and others may have made your life so unbearable that these pieces left, for they cannot function properly when in controlled situations. Now they can come back one by one to integrate with you once more. As a result you will become happier and see how ridiculous it is when someone wants to control you and your actions. Laughter will become music for your soul.

There is only one template made and you are the owner. How long does the whole process take. It will depend on how much has to be process out before the new soul pieces are added. It may take as little as six months and as long as one year. This is not for everyone, only those that ready to take that Quantum Leap in their evolution. At this time your guides will change, you will feel lonely until your new guides come in, but it is worth it. The work that you were doing may change direction. It is like starting with a new slate and a new agenda. Changes will take place until you pass over at death making wise choices.

Colors emanating from the Large Personalized Templates

I want to thank Tori Cornwell of Texas, for doing this testing for me, so we can all benefit from her expertise. She has the rare ability to see the colors emanating from herself and others. She works as a massage therapist in doctors offices. When she is working on someone she sees the colors coming out of her and going into that person. Tori said she felt the energy very intensely when wearing the Enerforce template, it was sending out lavender, gold, blues and yellow circular spirals. During the next few days she was more tired than usual and seemed to be working though old emotions. She kept thinking about her old friends and wanted to cry. This disappeared as quickly as it came. The Stabilizer template at this time was sending out pink and violet which was coming from the center of the template. The Fountain of Youth emanated dark green, emerald green, ultra green, and a little dark gray back coming off to the left. When she put her left hand on it she saw a bright pink and green energy pattern on the wall, balancing the left and right hemisphere of her brain. Lots of images and pictures started to come in. The small Fountain of Youth template that you wear gave off dark green, green, emerald green, with pink in the middle.

When wearing this small template around her neck it made her feel overcharged at first. Then after a couple of days, until her frequency locked in, it stabilized. A lot of purple and green, then it went into indigo and gold. It then swirled around going to ultra blue and yellow. When she slept on them she awakened to find the room was filled with the most beautiful turquoise. When she wakes up, the whole room is in a swirl of energy going to the center of the room. It eminates from the templates under her bed sheet.

First of all she said the templates are constantly radiating energies of various colors of purple, gold, silver, blue, lavender and so on. Even if they are just sitting on a chair by themselves they are are sending out color vibrations of swirls, waves and balls of energy. Also the colors keep changing depending if you are sleeping, sitting or putting your hand on it. When she put her templates down on a stool at work with a towel over them, she could actually see the energy of powder blue rising from a lotion bottle she had put next to them.

Adicgon. The center is yellow/orange, blue, lavender/purple, very electric colors. So, much energy moving out of this template at a very fast pace. Moving out past life addictions. Fountain of Youth templates have green, pink, blue and gold with balls coming out of it. When you put it under, on or around the human beings aura it expands beyond the field in various colors and symbols. It also balances the brain. The Enerforce. Immediately she sees at the top right side, the symbol sending out orange and blue energy. The figure in the center, swirls and spirals, pink, orange, builds and builds then goes out like little balls of fire. The Star has pink, spinning off it. The circle with the A, the energy goes back towards the cylinder. A large glob of blue, orange, violet is sent out of the cylinder. The Magnaverse. From the center are violet, going into the sheet then it swirls out, this is more of a wavy type of energy. Purples and all shades of violet and a little bit of gold.

When she sat in a chair and stared at the template a fountain of gold went up and came down like a water fall of gold specs on her. The picture came to life and everything in the picture was moving around, it seemed like you could get lost in the movement. Many people think the templates turn off after a while and she said this is not true, they are sending out energy constantly. This is why your animals are attracted to sit or sleep on them and it is okay for them to do so.