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1st Century Technology is here today with the New Science of Radionics. Psychotronic machines have proven to be effective in ridding homes of dangerous ghosts, exorcised possessed individuals, removed Alien implants and solved various mental and physical problems. This advanced technology can be used by anyone in their own home with the use of a Radionic machine. Those who are familiar with dowsing, well Radionics is using a dowsing method but can work on the person, place or thing via a Radionic machine. A dowser locates by using a rod or a pendulum, but cannot make the necessary changes in the frequency without a Radionics machine.

What is Radionics? All living things, plants, animals and people not only have physical body, consisting of atoms and molecules, but an anti-body of energy. This biological plasma body can be made visible by aura photography. It also can be tapped into and measured by a Radionic machine. The concept of subtle energy and biofield research is becoming better known and the areas of application and research are expanding. There is an intriguing aspect of subtle energy research and researchers have noted a variety of responses by the physical form after balancing the subtle body fields. This phenomena appears to occur with all types of physical forms from minerals like quartz crystals to complicated beings like animals and humans. It can also be used for farming and the over all well being of farm animals.

A Radionic machine is like a FAX machine. You can put a photo, sample of hair, or written name of a person, place or thing on the machine. Put the template on the other plate and it will be sent to the correct energy field or radiating frequency that is out of balance, and it will rebalance and energize it.

Case History #1

A child falls down a flight of stairs while learning to walk near the day of his 1st birthday. For the next 12 years he has 105 temperature for a duration of one week near his birthday. The mother takes him from doctor to doctor but to no avail. All test show no reason for the high temperature, and no elevated white count. There is nothing they can do even though at times he gets delirious with a fever. When he was 12 years old the mother found someone who tested for openings in the auric field on a Radionics machine. The operator found openings in the field caused by a fall down a flight of stairs while he was learning to walk. This was true. They were living in a very old home at that time and the discarnate spirits that were in the home went to help the baby up the stairs (this house would be considered a haunted house, in layman's terms) but doing so, got caught in his auric field. Remember your auric field is magnetic in nature. It pulls in all the time to keep your spirit in the body. Therefore, if there is an opening or rip in the auric field a wondering spirit can be caught in it. When this happens they cannot get out. They may have thought by causing him to have a high fever it would keep that particular opening available to them.

The following steps were taken to remove the spirits from the child. His auric field was opened and spirits were lead to dimensional doorway to go on with their own evolution. The auric field was closed and sealed. After that the chakras had to balanced and energized for this is where the spirits got their energy. Getting rips and tears in the auric field is a common day occurrence. When a wondering spirit gets too close it gets pulled in. Then trouble starts. Just walking under the high voltage electrical poles will put a large rips in your auric field. Although this child had walking phenomena the next year and was in the hospital, his temperature never went over 102 degrees. He has never again had a 105 fever. He is now 34 years old leading a healthy, productive life.

In 1913 Dr. Albert Abrams a MD and a Neurologist in his own right and the father of modern Radionics, gave his first public demonstration of recognizing and measuring the human energy field in health and disease. He spoke of electropathology and also used the world electronics long before it became the familiar word it is today. Through his instruments he used weak, pulsating electromagnetic currents to restore health to diseases bodies. The HEALING ARTS that many are getting into are really very old and tested modalities. We are now looking at them under the name NEW AGE healing methods.

In my work I do not do medical evaluations. I work with the atomic and sub-atomic energies of the body and the spirit. While working on the force field I may find that you have a need for medical attention. If so, I will suggest you seek medical care of your choice.

If you desire to have any work done, I just need your name, addres and date of birth. If your want your house and land checked I would like a photo. Remember to put your phone number somewhere on your correspondence in case I need to ask you some questions.


EMOTIONAL HEALING,because of the complexity of emotional healing I prefer you to get the large healing template called the STabilizer cost is $65.00 + shipping. Emotional healing involves many levels of healing to take place. Since birth to an on going imprinting as we live our lives. The Large healing template keeps on working till you pass on, things just seem to disappear. I don't need to tell you how your past hurts, disappointments, sorrows,influence the present and future outcomes of your life. Time to take permanent action with the Stabilizer, which you just sleep or sit on. How easy can it get!~

Radionic Analysis.......................................................................$85.00
Testing the force field for openings and rips and tears. Your forcefield goes out 50 feet at all times so when there is a rip in it, other discarnates or 4th dimensional entities can get caught in it by accident. A report is sent to you on all findings with suggestions. When there are rips and tears in the auric field there is a loss of energy. It leaks out of these damaged areas. At this time I may also recommend certain large Healing templates that are needed to move forward in your evolution.

Ghost busting or another name for it is Spirit releasement. When ghost or spirits are earthbound and get caught in your auric field by accident. They have to be removed so they can move on. When a person has just died of being ill for years and by accident they get caught in your auric field may think you are dying of the illness. Thought transfer. When you find out that entities or what we also call spirits, are in your auric field they should be removed as soon as possible so they do not cause interference with your life here on Earth.

Spirit Releasement....................................................................$75.00
(Or referred by some as possession/de-possession) The force field is opened and the entities are removed. The force field is then sealed and the chakras are accessed regarding damage to the system. In death many people, do not know that they have died, they wander around. All discarnate entities are taken out with the help of the Angelics. They are taken to where they are to go on with their own evolution. When you start the machine up with this in mind they are there immediately to remove those that have gotten lost and caught. The forcefield has its own number just like your fingerprint to start the process. Haunted houses are done the same way but have to also check for open dimensional doorways.


See photos of spirits around this whole condo complex. These new condos were built near the ocean where once the Indians fished and had their villages. The dead Indians were still living there but in another dimension, and would walk in and out of the condos because they felt they were on their land. Photos were taken with a regular Polaroid camera. You can clearly see the spirits flying about. the whole condo area. Many in the condo felt someone was in their home watching them. I also check to see if there is a dimensional doorway opened on the grounds. Cost includes checking for dimensional doorways,closing doorway, clearing the house, sealing up the auric field of house, putting a large protective shield over the property, clearing the clouds over the house.

Ghost busting, Ghostbusting, Ghost Busters, Ghost hunters, no matter what you call it, there are unseen beings roaming around where they should not be. Many have just got caught in perhaps a tragedy, what ever the reason they are Earthbound. With the radionic machine we can move them on to where they should be. Dimensional doorways are found many times on farmland where things are moving in and out. Farm and wild Animals will not go near them, but other animals may come in from an other dimension. These doorways have slipped opened and should be closed because the frequency between the two fields are not compatible. More informatioin on dimensional doorways in my book Isthmus of Time.

Re-hook the Silver cord.......................................................................$59.00
The silver cord that is attached to the end of your tail bone keeps your spirit in your body. At night you astral travel in your dreams. The cord brings you back to your human body or shell. When it becomes loose and dangles up and down the need to leave the body is very strong and produces thoughts of suicide. When this cord is reattached the desire to die leaves. This is called the seat of 'WILL TO LIVE." It can become loose though operations accidents, drugs, falls, or great emotional strain. This is a very dangerous situation. The person will not be themselves, possibly very edgy, wanting to go somewhere but not knowing where. Feels like they are going out of their mind. When the cord is reattached this is corrected. You have to remember this is the natural way to die. The cord is the first thing to become loose so that you may leave the body. If it is not time for you to go on, then it has to be reattached.

The unblocking, aligning and energizing of the chakras. This includes the 7 large and 21 smaller centers. The chakras are the wheels of life that bring in the energy from the universe into the spleen area where it is distributed throughout the body by these centers. They look like wheels with spokes. At each of the major centers the glands of the body receive this energy. If there are blocks at these centers the glands start to have problems. This may cause a shut down of the system.

Central Nervous System Upgrade...........................................................$59.00
The new energies coming in from the universe are penetrating our system while we sleep and may cause pains in the legs and especially the lower back near the tail bone. Many times a person may think their back is broken from the force of this energy.

Hexes or Spell Removal................$55.00
Checked to see if there is a hex placed on the person and remove it.

Alien Implants or Alien Tracking Devices....................$69.00
ALIEN implants dissolved and alien tracking devices shut down.

Alter Ego Sabotage....................$55.00
When the human species was originally designed the FOUNDERS had a specific goal in mind, which involves a specific series of evolutionary experiences. There are various devices used between the soul,the personality, the ego and the conscious mind to gain participation between the conscious mind and the soul and to teach spiritual lessons to the personality self. The "Altar ego device" is such a tool. Actually the true terminology would be deliberate temporary alter ego device which can lead to sabotage. When the personality needs to learn a spiritual principle, in some cases one toward which it has been particularly resistant, it is necessary to create a series of events, repetitiously. These events usually involve other people as well. This programming encodement is to stop ourselves from this repetition of creating the "altar ego sabotage". It is also recommended that we communicate with our various selves (the spirit, soul, ego, and personality) on a daily basis to see which messages are coming from the various parts of ourselves. Stay conscious to help us wake up and catch the scenarios while they are in the device stage before they reach the point of sabotage. A good example of sbotage, is a person who cannot leave the house. In their last lifetime they told the altar ego to stop them if they did not follow the spiritual path in this lifetime. Now the Altar Ego does not know you have changed so stops you anyway. The altar ego has to be turned off just like a broken record has to be turned off so you can leave your house and move on with your life. Get a job, meet your mate while walking the spiritual path. The difference between Ego and Altar Ego is Ego protects you from walking in the ocean and drowning, putting your hand in the fire, it tells you not to do that. The Altar Ego is the spiritual part of the Ego system. So if you have been repeating the same thing over and over agin sure sign the Altar Ego has to be turned off, it is stuck.

Remove fears known and unknown to free you up to move forewaard - $55.00

Change Anger and turn it into constructive creative energy for you to use. - $55.00

There is so much going on today that causes anger and it seems to come from no where. The TV will get you upset just watching it. At the side of the TV screen if you spin you can see the words blinking.. The words may be, fear, hate, anger, and so on. It is called subliminal programming It is also used when you go to a movie. One day when Ophea Wimfrey was pushing everyone to read books, at the side of the screen it was blinking dont read books. Even. Ophra cant get away from their programming. . Also the rays hitting the earth will trigger you to be upset. The body cannot handle these high gamma rays hitting the earth affecting all the cells in our bodies.. Beings from outer space are sending beams especially towards the men to increase their anger.. Thus causing harmful behavior towards females. With the use of the radionics machine, I remove the anger and transform the energy into construction creative energy they can use

Emergency Emotional Balancing - $55.00

For emotional work I always suggest the Lg Stabilizer to sleep on. If you do not have the Stabilizer and the need is right now I will do an emotional balancing on the machine.

Bring up your immune system this is very important at this time with so many getting sick out of the blue. ( I can also do your pets on this one. The cost is the same $55.00


It is made of solid clear glass, 5 tall, the base is 4x5 and weighs 4 lbs. price $49.00 + S/H.

The smaller colored prism comes in colbolt blue. It weighs a little over 1 lb and is $29.00 + S/H.

My guides told me this particular prism would help many to concentrate and focus on their work. It clears the mind of the cobwebs so you can comprehend information faster. If you are working on a computer all day, this would take the strain off your brain trying to concentrate. The energy as you can see from the photo of the Prism there is a lot of brilliant yellow coming out of it, which stimulates the brain. If you are bi-polar, schizophrenic or epileptic, you cannot use it. Here again the energy is toooo high for you,. If you are a normal person this will help greatly. If you are writing a book this will be a great assistance to you. My sister is a bookeeper and has interuptions all day long, the first time she put the prism on her desk, she was able to accomplish a lot of work inspite of all the interuptions. It was easy to get right back into the flow of what she was doing in spite of being very tired that day.