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Albert Abrams, MD ,Father of Radionics

Radionics was widely used in the healing arts. In one of my past lives I was a scientist in Atlantis who used radionics. Now at that time there was a lot of experiments with coning part human and part animal. They also cloned part human and part machine to do the minimal tasks. I used radionics in my work so when a person who was part human and machine would need balancing of both sides. When the weather bother the human part the machine would try to take over and when the machine had to be fixed the human wanted to take over . Even today there are some that are still part human and part machine, who seek me out to balance them on the radoinics machine.

Now one person who was also in Atlantis with me was Dr. Albert Abrams who rediscovered radionics in this lifetime and brought it back for use in his medical field. Albert Abrams, AD.M.,LLD, MD., was born in San Francisco in 1863 and qualified at an accredited medical college before he was of age or could receive his diploma. He learned German and went to the University of Heidelberg, where he graduated in medicine .with the highest possible honors. Still a very young man, he spent a long time doing post graduate work. When he returned to the United States, Abrams was first appointed Demonstrator of Pathology, the Professor of Pathology and subsequently Director of Clinical Medicine at Leland Stamford University. In 1893-at the age of 30 he was elected President of the San Francisco Medico-Chirugical Society and Vice President of the Emmanuel Clinic.

He was a fellow of the American Medical Association and the author of many books There are twelve in the Library of Congress. He was also a frequent contributor to the medical journals of the world. He specialized in diseases of the nervous system and, for many years was regarded as one of the foremost neurologists of the day. He carried out intensive research on spinal therapeutics, and his book Spondyllo-therapy, published in 1910, went into six editions and was translated into French and Japanese. Within an hour of his sudden death, in January 1924, a cable was received inviting him to lecture on his discoveries at the Sorbonne in Paris.

After inventing the radionics machine, he was the first person to diagnosis and treat the client by long distance. News of Abramsí discoveries and success in treating patients spread rapidly and doctors, came to San Francisco from all over the world to study his methods. Newspapers and magazines carried articles about him and Upton Sinclair, the famous novelist, referred to his laboratory as the House of Wonders.

All normal life on this earth is a result of electro-chemical balance. When these two factors are in balance, the plant or the animal is strong and vigorous, resists disease and makes the most of its environment. When there is an electro-chemical unbalance, then retarded growth, and disease take over.

Radionics differs from zero-point energy in that you are tapping into concentrated areas of electromagnetism and manipulating the flow of electrons, but not necessarily opening a wormhole into the etheric planes. You could say that radionics technology is a stepping stone between conventional electromagnetism and zero-point fields. Pyramids, multiple-wave oscillators, Tesla coils, Van der Watt generators and large capacitors all can be made to harness radionic EM fields. Size and dimension of these devices is critical so that you are amplifying the natural oscillations of the EM waves.

There are many making and selling so called radionics machines with orgone energy attached. Radionics and orgone are two different things and never put on the same machine. Orgone energy comes from the sun. When you are outside you are getting orgone energy naturally all the time. Certain things in nature like pine trees store orgone energy. In the olden days people would make beds with pine needles init for the energy to get them through the winter. During rain storms you must be careful when around Orgone energy it becomes very erratic and makes you very nervous. It disrupts your natural flow of energy. If a person is selling a so called radionics machine with Orgone attachment beware, they do not know what they are doing.

Elevate Your Diet

The ascension energies of change are creating many disruptions in your physical bodies and, by extension, I your way of life and cultural customs. This includes one that is highly charged emotionally and touches the very core of your survival instincts , food. Before that, grains were just part of the many edibles gathered by nomadic groups. Cultivating grains allowed early humans to put down roots, build homes, develop complex cultures and evolve technological civilizations.

Your founders seeded basic food forms into your planetary patterns. Grains were provided to carry, as a micro food, concentrated vibrations of the elements of Earth, light, wind, water, energies from the surrounding flora and fauna, and a spark of life force energy linked to the divine creative source.

Those of your who keep up with the news about consumer products and are exposed to information about the many distortions in food know that some of your foodstuffs have been altered far beyond their original forms. Centuries of human alterations in raising crops as well as more recent scientific interventions have created drastic changes in your wheat and other grains. These changes have altered them to such a degree that your physical bodies are fighting them as alien invaders and are causing disturbing symptoms that have been increasing and affecting more and more people in recent decades.

What is most important for your understanding at this time is what is happening in your ascending bodies. In addition to denatured foods, there are to your physical units that are making it difficult for them to handle what you have always considered life-sustaining food, good food. This is because you cannot nourish an ascended body with dense 3D food. Your bodies are transforming, and they are rejecting many of the foodstuffs you are ingesting. (Some dense pharmaceutical medicines will be having diminishing healing effects as well.)

The rise in sensitivities to certain foods, especially in the past decade, is way beyond any natural progression. The rise in awareness of mounting grain sensitivities is not due so much to broader medical testing but to the widespread changes in human bodies caused by transformational energies. It is the people who are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms that are seeking answers and creating a public awareness.

You only have to look at your media reporting to see something is happening on a broad scale. One example: The obesity epidemic is not just caused by empty, fattening food and low levels of activity. There are always multiple levels to any phenomenon. The mass consciousness is trying to create balances, and there are so many levels to be balanced at this time. One level, fat does act as a buffer for the bodies that sense unconsciously that they are being bombarded with high-level energies that are different from what they have been used to. In this case, the fat acts to provide a protective buffer for the nervous system.

In addition to putting up protection for your bodies, your human unconscious levels are dealing with a strong intuitive sense of change happening that you have to deal with emotionally. It makes you feel insecure, frightened, angry and unstable. Many of the physiological expressions of these emotions fall into categories of inflammatory diseases. These emotions also drive behavior that uses food to give comfort or protection to the self. We are not excusing the current Western diet. Obesity is devastating to the human body and its extended levels of consciousness.

This is an unique problem because you are faced with the need to alter your diet on a world level (no matter what your regional diet is) to provide the appropriate nourishment for bodies that are in the process of transmuting. And this has to happen quickly to prevent as much pain and suffering as possible. The diseases that force alterations in eating will change what is not changed by conscious choice. Nature will find a way, using any means possible, including disaster and disease, to bring about the changes necessary for ascension.

The good news is that you have some new advantages in your changing world to support these processes, the worldwide communication system that barely existed a couple of decades ago and the temporal contraction. More and more, you are observing the changes in your experience of time. In the past, you could project the time necessary to complete some project with good accuracy. Now when your try to apply the same time sense, you are repeatedly amazed that changes appear to occur more quickly than you would have previously calculated. You cantí[ really depend on your old senses. These aspects will be helpful as you take on a worldwide alteration in human sustenance in that the changes will happen faster than you think and spread quickly around the world due to your technology.

At this time it is important that you take in the life force for your food from fruits and vegetables. This also includes the color harmony from the fruits and vegetables. The fastest way to do this is by juicing. I highly recommend getting a Nutri Bullet, the book comes with it. You only make what you need so your are taking in all the nutrients as well as the energy needed for your everyday life. The biggest effect you will feel is in the brain. It is as if a light bulb went on in your head. You will have more energy as well it will start to make new cells in the body. If you drink coffee keep in mind all coffee drains the body of vitamins and minerals. Then empties them in your urine ,therefore all your good work of making a healthy drink is sabotaged by the coffee. A big side effect of this drink you will loss weight without trying.

Tides of Technology the Arcturians

You donít have a cell phone in your ear all the time. You don t use instragram, you donít do a selfie, you donít do twitter in fact you donít know what they are and so on. Donít feel bad, you have chosen a different path then the masses. Yes, the masses have chosen the path of technology therefore they will be changing their DNA which is already in the process.

Over the next thirty-five years, your DNA structures will be transforming very rapidly. This will enable you to work better with the technology that you have at your disposal. There has been a shift in the direction of the energies of the planet. As alteration has started that now moves your world toward the use of technology instead of inherent human abilities Due to the expansion of electronic instruments that are now used extensively in your world, your physiology is changing Thee has been a change that has occurred in the patterns of your planetary grid. This matrix that holds in place all of the manifestations that occur on this world.

There are reasons that these adjustments are occurring or have been locked into the patterns that surround your world. The number of people who are using technological devices to manage their lives has increased dramatically in the past five years. Those who inhabit your world have made an unconscious shift toward technology.; They have turned away using their intrinsic abilities to communicate through the technology of your human form. To put it another way, you as a group consciousness, as a body of consciousness, have made a shift to using technology instead of your instinctive abilities to receive and process information.

When we speak of innate ability, we refer to the potentials that are within all of your species to control your environment and communicate with your mental and emotional faculties. Even though there have been great openings of consciousness in the past five years as well, the tide has turned in favor of using electronic devices. The majority of people on your planet now prefer to use their machinery to mange their world instead of the abilities that are within them. There are many reasons for this move, and all of them are in harmony with the consciousness that is prevailing on your world. Those who reside here have found it easier to use machines created by others than to depend on their own natural abilities.

Your bodies are adapting to the change:

Due to the challenges that these new technologies place on the physical form. Your bodies will start to change, or shall we say evolve, to make it easier for you to use these new technological inventions. The DNA within your systems is now in the process of making room for these subtle, minor changes in your physiology and structure.;

The end result of this transformation will be that your hands will be better at typing than holding a pencil. The part of the body that is the neck will also be changing. These adaptations will also involve the shoulders and arms. These parts of the body will begin to go through very noticeable transformations. Changes will begin to take place in the spine and nervous system. The sense of sight will increase substantially. The ability to hear will also change dramatically. The ears are starting to become accustomed to amplified speakers or earphones. This will cause human auditory perception to decrease the need for long-range perception. You do not regularly engage in hunting for food, which makes long-range auditory ability necessary.

Thee will be noticeable changes coming for those who are less than twenty years old at the time of this communication. These beings will produce the first generation of humans who will have variations in their physical forms that make it easier to use your technology. It is a natural progression of the interests and ways in which the majority of people on this world wish to progress. They have not opened to using their latent intuitive and emotional potentials. The shift has been made here to use the intellect instead. More of your each day gravitate to machines that fulfill your needs and desires.

What the new humans will look like in a hundred years, in the future still has to be determined. There is a possibility that you will look like those you call the Grays. They have made a total adjustment to the use of technology. Their large heads big eyes, and long hands enhance their abilities to use their technology. Humans are beginning to mutate in the same direction.

To Maintain your abilities, use them:

Humans can still maintain their intuitive and emotional abilities if they just continue to use them. Then the population of your world will differently. When you use the other senses that are within the physical body, such as intuition, hearing, and talking, you, you will be able to keep these aspects of your nature alive within your physical and emotional bodies. These energy fields within the human form are going through the most stress of any of your senses. They are helping your to experience many beauties of the spiritual dimensions and worlds. The communications such as those we are sharing will begin to come in a different way as the human form changes.

The intuition and the emotions are like all the aspects of your physical form. If you do not use them, they atrophy. We wish to encourage you to maintain these abilities of the physical form. By depending on your intuition and by synchronizing with the flow of energy from nature, from within your planet, you will be able to keep these of humanity as they exist today. When you incorporate the power of your emotions to communicate and to experience the world, you will be able to save the abilities for future generations.

Those of your who under twenty ears of age need to think about these matters. Your choices will determine how humans on this world will look in one hundred years. We encourage you all to use the emotions and sensory abilities that you possess now to the fullest. Smell the coffee, taste the wine, listen to live music, feel the sunshine and celebrate the beauty of your world Creating these habits for the young now will maintain the beauty that is within you. It will help you to welcome the future while maintaining the benefits of the past.