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Preparing the physical body to move into the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions

The Atlantia/Atlan is 15-1/2" high, 7x7" weights 5 to 6 lbs. cost $495.00 + S/H ** SPECIAL sale price $425.00

This unit is to be used for the rest of your life. You will be continually upgraded to move as far as you can into other dimensions.The name Atlantia is female energy, the name Atlan is male energy so there is a balacing of both energies taking place also.

The Earth is being hit 50 to 70 times a day with gamma rays from outer space at a great speed and strength affecting all living cells on Earth. NASA knows that they have to protect their computer systems from these gamma rays. They create software for these problems. Our brains are somewhat like these computers and these rays cause a torsion field energy as the Russians call it. The scientist in the USA and Tesla called them scaler waves.

Gamma-rays have the smallest wavelengths and the most energy of any other wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. These waves are generated by radioactive atoms and in nuclear explosions. Gamma-rays can kill living cells, a fact which medicine uses to its advantage, using gamma-rays to kill cancerous cells. Gamma-rays travel to us across vast distances of the universe, only to be absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere. Different wavelengths of light penetrate the Earth's atmosphere to different depths. Instruments aboard high-altitude balloons and satellites like the Compton Observatory provide our only view of the gamma-ray sky.

Gamma-rays are the most energetic form of light and are produced by the hottest regions of the universe. They are also produced by such violent events as supernova explosions or the destruction of atoms, and by less dramatic events, such as the decay of radioactive material in space. Things like supernova explosions (the way massive stars die), neutron stars and pulsars, and black holes are all sources of celestial gamma-rays. .

According to information on Gamma Rays we are made up of STAR DUST how magical!

Gamma-ray bursts can release more energy in 10 seconds than the Sun will emit in its entire 10 billion-year lifetime! So far, it appears that all of the bursts we have observed have come from outside the Milky Way Galaxy How is it affect our physical bodies? How is it affecting the animals bodies? It affecting all the cells in our bodies. The gamma rays are torquing our cells in the body. Twisting them into a figure 8. this will cause the person to want to sleep, feel over tired, become angry,want to cry, feel sick.,and the brain not function properly. Each cell in our body has a coating upon the cell. The cell is coated with a membrane, a memory brain it is this membrane that is in between the world cell structure and the God/Goddess energy and your energy. So if you think you are healthy or unhealthy it affects the cells. The cell takes in that information and it goes into the cell memory. The cell memory is being affected greatly which may cause confusion within the cells on the physical level.

The torsion field energy that is hitting the Earth is causing an over load with the gamma rays and the different radiations hitting the earth, your body is under a enormous stress load. The cells toque and turn into a figure 8. Because the body is not used to this, the body is trying to push the body to higher frequencies, higher and higher to prepare it for 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional energies and will continue to do so. Many may not be able to handle this constant overload to their brains and physical bodies and pass over. As our time speeds up in all areas of cultural, economic, politic, religious, and financial institutions, changes will be speeded up. There will be a tendency for those who are fixated on 3Dimensional reality (without access to the higher-dimensions of themselves) to enter into a state of mental and emotional shock, a kind of numbness. You can recognize these numb people because they will walk and talk like normal, but they are like zombies, half aware, half alive. Have compassion for these individuals because they are caught between the old world that is passing away and an uncertain future that has yet to be born. Have compassion, yet be wary of them. Do not let them seduce you into their numbness and FEAR. If you have an appreciation of your life and what you do have, you will enter a dome, a vibration that will carry you through the chaos of these times.

On 8-8-08 opened a doorway between our earth and other planets and star systems that has been closed for thousands of years. On this day a crop circle was found in the form of an figure 8 see photo. The figure 8 that our cells are being changed into, in order to move forward into the higher frequiences.

The Atlantia/Atlan unit, helps the body to adjust their cells to these changes in a safe and smooth process.. People can also help themselves with body work, massages, light therapy, sound therapy. All of activities are a must for everyone to do at this time. The Atlantia/Atlan unit when you are near it or touching it, takes the electrodynamics vibration of the cell, it takes the gravity which everyone on Earth is a part of torsion field and it vibrates these two fields to handle this strange torque that is taking place and handle the changes in the body. The Atlantia/Atlan unit is made to handle these changes. The holding of the Atlantia/Atlan unit or just being near it starts to work on the physical body.

The very structure of the ascension electromagnetics that are pulsing more and more powerfully through infinity points via the 144-crystalline grid is expanding your own electromagnetic fields (your auric field). The energy differentials of the ascensionn electromagnetic frequency of your auric field must find equilibrium. This is basic phsics or perhaps metaphysics. Most of you are feeling the quickening of time on a daily basis. The inner crystalline core of the planet is now spinning faster. The ratio of the Earth's outer torquie on its axis has changed in relation to the increasing inner core spin. This is affecting the time continuum, and indeed, all of our electromagnetic fields (aura's) Our auric fields are changing their skins, have you felt your skin feels tighter? This process will continue to intensify. In the interim your auric field can develop fissure cracks as it expands into greater frequencies. In these cracks, rips and tears can cause vital life force leakage, opening the door for discarnate entities to get caught. The loss of your vital life force leads to sleep disorders and chronic fatique this may be termed "ascension imbalance". If you have a radionics machine check yourself out. If you only have rips and tears just reseal your auric field with 9000045. If by chance some entities have gotten caught in your auric field go back to my workbook or instruction video on how to take them out and then reseal up your auric field. The Atlantia/Atlan does not take out entities that are caught or seal up the auric field this must be done with the radionics machine.

During the 1st Atlantis the people were 6th dimensional beings, used a simular Atlantia/Atlan to move forward to the 7th and 8th diemsion. During the days of the Mayans, they also used it to leave the 3rd dimension and to go to the 4th and 5th dimension. So now it is our turn to move forward. The Atlantia/Atlan unit will make for a smooth transition as your body cells change from a circular cell to a figure 8 cell, from carbon base to crystaline base.


Group 22 added information on the Atlantia/Atlan channeled by April Rane


We are all experiencing the high energies at this time. Vibrating though the gate of 8. Each cell that is being hit by the Gamma Rays and so on. This causes your cells to twist into a figure 8. This causes a massive amount of information to be fed to you in a loop configuration, so that you can process it. What is taking place in the general population , is also taking place in the brain. What is in the brain is magnetite, which is crystalline magnetic energies. These are clusters of streams in front of the pituitary and the pineal glands. These clusters that are magnetic are in the human brain which are faced to directional energies in which they will pick up the magnetic inner forces of the earth. It is done this way for the body to quicken the magnetite, These little magnetite’s are magnetic like lodestones in the world. There are only two natural magnetic energies in the world. there is lodestone octahedron, and the plasma that in the blood, which is crystalline and magnetic.

Within the body you have the brain and the DNA which flows through the body the plasma. The brain which the crystalline which are cubic which are cubic octahedrons. Which are in the brain in clusters up to 80. These are faced perfectly with the cubically and magnetically towards the magnetic field of the Earth. They are firing more and more as the gamma rays and the shifts and the changes in the Earth at this time. They are creating these to pick up magnetic resonance which charges and fires your hormones in the body making your consciousness to rise. It is a signal in the Earth that you are ready for your consciousness is raising.

Now these cubo octahedrons in the brain are lying in a certain angle for them to receive 3% more energy then if they were lying any other way. If you look at the body, the brain is the one, just like our computers work on a string theory, 1-0-1-0. The string theory is 1 and 0, open and close, open and close. So when these signals from the magnetite in the brain goes out it creates a one zooming energy which connects spirit which is masculine. When the firing of the DNA plasma, the DNA crystalline body fires it is firing the circle , the feminine, the soul. The DNA is hooked up crystalline layer upon layer with the soul.

The mind is the energy of the God/Goddess and all this stuff out here is string energy. Open and close, 1 and 0’s , computing, it has to reproduce it self in the body. So the mind is now firing greater aspect then it has every done before, because of the changes in the Earth, changes in the soul structure, ,changes in the cloud structure,and even the green gases are creating more and more firing in the brain. Even though the magnetic’s of the Earth is shifting. You are still receiving more and more hormonal signals and the body picks up and raises consciousness. Those of you who meditate and work in the spiritual world it will happen faster.

So, when you put yourself on the radionics machine to raise your energy and sit with your back to the Atlantia/Atlan for 20 minutes it will quicken the process. Those that reading this also can do the same with your radionic machine and the Atlantia/Atlan. On the receiving plate put your name and date of birth. On the sending plate Put the below photo with a yellow, orange, and read filters on it plus a crystal. Turn on the radionic machine , then go sit with your back to the Atlantia/Atlan for no more than 20 minutes. My special thanks to the Group 22 for this added information.

2012 is just around the corner. As we pass 2012 there will time slots where we will be in a state of Grace, now what does that mean, all karma will be released from those that are within this ray of light. It is called Divine dispensation. What are the requirements those souls with pure minds, and hearts that have put away judgement, comparison, anger, fear is the big one,and hate, will be open for this process. Now this beam of light will be at different times as well as duration time. This will enable you to move to the higher dimensions since your bagage is now gone. For those that have been busy helping other including their families to move forward in their evolution, it is time now to concentrate on own your path. For those that have turned away from your teachings and help you must walk away from them. It is important that you ask the golden beings to remove cords coming from you to them and them to you. It is time for everyone to take responsibity for their souls path you cannot pull them along with you. It will only hold you back from moving on to the higher dimensions. Many that are married or just living together, one of the partners may have been at a stand still for years while the other keeps hoping they will change...time to let go! Now this grand movement that we are in took us 108 million years to get here, do you want to wait another 108 million years for this event to take place again in this sector of the universe? We came to Earth at this time to be part of this grand event in time and space.

If you have never worked on yourself either spiritually, metaphaically or body work the Atlantia/Atlan unit then is not for you. For it will do nothing for you. If you have been working on yourself for years, teaching others, having workshops etc, reading, this unit is for you. You are already working many times in the 4th dimension as you touch the 5th it is becoming too hard for your physical body. This Unit will make the continuing moving into higher dimensions a smoother and easier journey. For those that buy the unit for the whole family, you are wondering if it will work on everyone in the family? Here again it will work on those that have been working on themselves this is their REWARD NOW! Those in the family that have done nothing, it will do nothing for them. My guides were very firm on this point and repeated it many times. Of course small children indeed it will help them. This is not like the Excelerator where it excells everything in the house or bulding. The energies are very different as well as the results. I find the energy of the Atlantia/Atlan is a softer eneergy, you can feel it going throughout the body. My deapest heartfelt thanks go to the Group 22, 7th dimensional beings for their help on this important project.

When many of you realize that the path of materialism is not serving you on your soul path, you decide to use material things only to assist you in your service work. To facilitate reaching people to help them awaken and you completely move out of the pop culture phenomenon known as “the one with the most toys wins.” You do not worry about what brand of designer clothes you wear on your body, those sorts of things you could care less about what happens on what reality TV shows. These things become irrelevant and insignificant in your life. You begin relating mostly to other people that are on your level or similar state of consciousness.

Many of you have been learning how to make yourselves psychological invisible to those who would do you harm, whether they be negative ETs or people in the government who wish to control and enslave you. As you continue to transcend 3D values and limitations, you will find yourselves feeling completely free ,and able to go where you desire on the planet with little or no interference from those who would like to stop you. The next step after psychological invisibility is actual physical invisibility to those who are in third density. This is what the Christians have referred to as the rapture. It is not a sudden event where people disappear in a puff of smoke and their clothes fall away from their bodies. Rather, it is a situation wherein you become more and more translucent and filled with light until your body essentially dissolves into pure light. You may at times appear to those who can see you as a glowing radiant person, much as in a depictions of the saints in your Renaissance paintings with halos around their heads.

Eventually the light will not be visible to the eyes of those in third density. There may be a relatively brief transitional period where those in third density will become aware that there is some sort of light being, some sort of visitation, and because of their limited consciousness they will attribute it to a visit from a guardian angel. At this vibration would be a scale of 4.8. When you reach a vibration of what you call 5.0, you become completely invisible to those who are vibrating below 3.5. There is about a 1.5 level optical spectrum in most densities, meaning that you can see and interact with souls who are up to one and a half levels above or below you. As you ascend to the higher vibrations your body goes though a metamorphosis from a carbon based dense matter body to a silicon based crystal light body. This is what the Atlantia/Atlan does for you in a safe and smooth transition. Remember to drink a lot of fluids while going though this transition. The mutations experienced by most of humanity will likely cause extreme fluctuations in mood and emotional state. Many souls will be unable to withstand the changes and will experience a decline of the immune system, opening them up to all manner of exotic viruses and bacteria. A majority of humans on Earth will find the changes overwhelming. As we have seen in the recent events many have left by the thousands and this will continue.

As you move forward into the higher dimensions you want to more whole, more of your altogethr what does this mean. You want to remove all cords going to you that you do not need. At the back of my radionic workbook is a chapter on how to remove these cords that are attached to the physical body. I can also email you the information on cord removal. Also what needs to be done is pulling in all the fragments of your soul that you may have left behind in your many incarnations. Also if other soul pieces that do not belong to your soul but others who are lost fragments must be removed and gone back to their rightful owner. More information on soul fragmentation in the book Earth Changes and 2012 by Sal Rachele. He has a whole chapter on soul fragmenting and how to gather up your lost soul pieces. I usually do not recommend others work but in this case I recommend you get Earth Changes and 2012 by Sal Rachele. It is information on 2012 and beyond and why it is happening in this part of the universe. It is all channelled information from the Founders from the 12 dimension. This is the best information that I have found so far on Earth's changes and our moving to other dimensions. You can go to his website to order the book www.salrachele.com