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When the movie ROOTS came out everyone started to wonder about their own heritage. This was the beginning of parents looking for their children and children looking for their birth parents. Others looking for their lost loves, brothers, sisters and families from war torn zones of years gone by. Sadly to say with the on going wars and natural disasters this searching is on a daily basis with much sorrow dispair and feelings of abandonment. A new industry was build up from this great yearning which nothing seems to fill this void, even after finding them. People started doing their own Genealogy charts, searching around the world for their roots. Their search did not go far enough looking for their real FAMILIES.

This deep loneliness sets the wheels in motion for our awakening. The long past memories of once, I knew of this place called Camelot. And in the twilight of my soul, shall it sing to me once more, calling me HOME, calling my name. Calling me forward in time and space. Earth's journey is but a small journey in my many sojourns in these vast universes. A moment in space, a moment in time with great eagerness I explored all there was and is. A wonderer, I became from the shores of my love, my family, now is the time to return to my true roots. I hear the sweet music in my ears, the gentle winds in my hair beckoning me once more to my true heritage as STAR SEEDIING. In my book “Doorway To Your Galactic Heritage”, you may find your real home and family roots. Are you ready to open these doors?

I took all the photos in this short UFO video. To learn more about the beings in the UFO's read my book Doorway To Your Galactic Heritage.

Each planet and star system has it's own goals and learning, they want to experience. Polaris wants to explore what ADDICIONS does to the physical body, the spirit and the soul. Therefore we find many from Polaris on Earth with addictions. Earth is a great place to work on this or that. Sadly to say when they die they feel they have failed because humanity looks down on them for drinking, smoking, and taking drugs which may have caused their death. But this is what they came to learn about so they have not failed but have succeeded indeed. Some of my guides who are from Polaris said that many do not go back to Polaris when they die, for this reason. When in truth they are welcomed with much love and respect on their return. They do not need to punish themselves and keep reincarnating life after lifetime. IF these words hit a cord with you please take it to heart.

Doorway To Your Galactic Heritage...................................$19.95 + S/H S/H
This book covers your starting point in time and space. Akashic records, the start of your journey which would be considered your home planet. The separation process, inner Earth, abductions, contacts. Star seeding charts. It goes into great detail about the many planets, star systems what role they play in your evolutionary process. Who lives there and their trials and progress in time and space. It gives you a wider outlook of where you came from and your many journeys through the many universes. If you ever wonder how you came to Planet Earth and where you were before, this book will help you discover the truth about the your role and your Galactic Heritage. This newly revised book has a lot of rare photos taken by me.

If you have a lot of cats or rescue cats and find homes for them. Feed stray cats and are concerned about their general welfare. It is almost 100% you are from Haldar. Haldar was the home planet of Cats. Now Haldar is no longer in our universe, these wonderful cat beings have advanced to 7th dimension. The problem is they still have a great need to help mankind and others in the universe, so they incarnate as cats or humans. They have also volunteered to be guides for humans in this universe. Now when a person from Haldar incarnates as a human they do so with a specific job to do and are always in a hurry to come in do it and leave. But when it is time for them to leave the human body at death, fear sets in, because all of a sudden it dawns on them there is no Haldar for them to go back to so where is HOME? There is no home to go back to because they are now returning the Source of All Creation as pure energy beings. While they are there they can choose to do anything they want, so again out they go to explore the universes. Many will stay in their pure form and gather when there are hurricanes or some kind of disasters on Earth, and see where they can help. So if you reconize that you are from Haldar, please do not worry about death for you are ging back to the Source of All Creation as pure energy. You indeed will feel lighter, more energetic and be filled with over powering love and happiness. The weight of the human body and this lower density will be like taking off the weight of the world off you. So, when you get ready to leave your Earth's work just think about returning to the Source of All Creation..how simple is that.

Isthmus of Time.........................................$19.95 + S/H
Covers; History of Mother Earth & her sister planets, results of the interference from Vulcan & salvation. How the earth was seeded. The Garden, The living universe, cell reproduction, DNA/Genes, the vanishing twin syndrome, cloning, birth & death the cycle of reincarnation, deaths biggest secret, the soul, soul braiding, lost souls and soul retrieval, information centers, the living library, RNA/DNA. electromagnetic waves, Earthês chakras, ELF, Scaler technology, HAARP, radioactivity and nuclear energy, dimensional doorways, ley lines, Hartmann lines, Domes & dome caps, welcome in the age of Aquarius.

My book, “ ISTHMUS OF TIME”, has a chapter on Dimensional doorways. The following photos show what a dimensional doorway looks like. The first photo is part of my front yard, which you see it looking normal. The second photo in the right hand corner is the dimensional doorway just opening up. As time went on, the Blue doorway got bigger and bigger. It is a spiritual doorway and spiritual beings come in and out as well as animals. Here you see a female red fox getting ready to go back through the doorway. She was most friendly and we became friends. She then brought her baby that looked just like her, and her mate a beautiful gray fox. .

I have been working on an invention called the EXcelerator for the past 11 yeas and finally have it up and running. It does not use Electricity or batteries, it is self contained and generates a new type of energy. It is called an EXcelerator . In theory, as you use it, the items that it is exposed too, are upgraded from the need from one source of energy to another. This is not a radionics machine and has nothing to do with radionics, it is a far more advanced in time and space technology. A radionics machine is like a fax machine you can change frequencies. The EXcelertor works on the area it is in, also anyone who puts their hands on it. The longer you have your hands on it the more you benefit.

The Excelerator is not a radionics machine and cannot be used as one. This new inventioon has nothing to do with radionics. This is a new type of energy and cannot be sent to anyone like a radionics machine. Just being near it will work on you as well fill the whole room.


Price $450.00 plus S/H. It is 7-1/2”x6”&5”high

Kirlian photo of EXcelerator before assembly

Kirlian photos of EXcelerator after assembly

Here is a Kirlian photo of the energy coming out of the EXcelerator, the machine is the tiny line in the center of the photos. Kirlian photography a method of capturing energy that is emanating from the EXcelerator. It gives you an idea how enormously it fans out from the box. The energy is constantly renewing and expanding itself, we caught it in different stages on film.

1st photo 2nd photo after 4 min.

Kirlian photo taken of older female, 1st photo shows she is not grounded and has a very small aura which is leaning to one side, and health problems. After 4 minutes of putting her hands on the pyramid the aura changed. She was now grounded and her auric field was expanding. White is the combination of all the colors, balancing, aligning and energizing of the chakra’s were taking place. This is great for your clients to use before you start your regular work on your client .I recommend they keep their hands on the top for as long as they need to.

To align, strengthen, and energize your chakra’s, put the machine on the table, take off your shoes and put feet firmly on the ground. Barefoot is always better Sit up straight keeping your spine ready for alignment. Take off any rings & bracelets, put both hands on the sides of copper pyramid, making a complete circle of connection. When your chakra’s are up and working properly all organs are energized in the body. Therefore you will feel better and have more energy. It also balances the male/female energy of the person or child who touches the pyramid. Many come in as a baby with the male/female energy out of balance creating numerous problems in their adult lives. You may keep your hands on it as long as you need. There is no time limit.

If you find that you get dizzy the first time you use it, it means that you were out of your body and it brought you back in the body and grounded you. It is done so fast that it makes you dizzy. It is only for a few seconds. If your charkas are way out of line you may feel a jolt when it aligns them. Sometimes there are blockages in the chakra’s which need to be removed. The charka system consist of 8 large and 24 smaller charkas throughout the body and 5 small new ones over the head. All the glands in the body sit behind the charka and are energized by the charkas. When there is a blockage in a charka then there is a corresponding blockage in the gland. All glands control the body systems just like a circuit board. Physical problems are a result in these areas.

After you have had your hands on the machine and you start to feel small aches and pains in the body, that means that it has started to break down pockets of toxins in your system. To assist in the removal of these toxins, you can soak in a tub with sea salts in it. The toxins will start to be eliminated through the skin, and urine. Keep soaking until the aches and pains have left, this will be confirmation the toxins are gone. Continue to put your hands on the EXcelertor many times.

If you are having a particular pain in any area of the body, lie down on your bed and place the Excelerator on it’s side with the point of the pyramid tip towards the pain. For instance many, many are complaining of long standing back pain. You can put a pillow behind the Excelerator to hold it in place at that particular spot on the back. . Do this for at least 15 min or more at a time. Do three times a day. Even if you start to feel better, keep doing this on a daily basis, until all symptoms completely disappear.

If you have poor circulation in your legs and feet, sit in a chair and put your bare feet on the Excelerator. At the bottom of our feet we have a chakra there. Move the bottom of your feet near the sides of the pyramid, your feet will start to get warm and you will feel the energy going up your legs. When it gets too hot, take your feet off. You can do this as often as you need. You will find you are walking better with the increased blood circulation in the legs and feet. How easy can that get?

If you are very tired and run down, lie down on your bed and place the Excelerator under the bed while you are on top of the bed. You will now be lying in a pool of energy going through the body. You will feel energized and ready to go. Do not place under the bed when you are getting to go to sleep for the night. It is too high of an energy and will keep you wide awake.

Autistic children can benefit from putting their hands on it. It will not cure them but they would feel a soothing coming over them, it would calm them down and make them focus. Using the EXcelerator before going to bed; can assist in removing negative energies that happened during the day. Thus enabling sleep to be more beneficial and peaceful. When you put the EXcelerator near your water pipes or well-water, it purifies and energizes the water. If you have a barn use about 2 hours a day it will bring up the health of the animals. You can place it in your garden for up to 20 min. remember that this was not built for outdoors. The EXcelerator will upgrade a whole house or large building and acres of land as well as your automobile.


People who are BIPOLAR, SCHIZOPHRENIC,EPILEPTIC DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH THE BOX, the energy is toooo high for them and will cause them more harm then benefit.
  • Pregnant women, it would be alright for them but not for the baby, too high.
  • People who have Alzheimer’s, it would be alright for some and not for others.
  • Do not use near computers, there are magnets in it, caution.
  • Making love near the EXcelerator may cause Kundalini to rise up in the spine. I have gone through Kundalini so if it starts up you can contact me to tell you how to stop it. Also what happens during the different stages of Kundalini from one who has been there.
  • The metal combination in some bracelets and rings may cause a tiny spark when touching the EXcelertor. I have found no problem with wedding rings so they do not have to come off the finger. So far I have only seen this happen on one person who had a lot of metal bracelets on her her. wrist. As soon as she took them off no problem.
  • I picked the above bunch of clover from my yard and put them in water. Not thinking about it, put them near the excelerator. Two (2) weeks later they were still glowing with life. Usually they would have died the same day for clover do not do well after being picked.

    Two clients phoned me about their sick horses. The vet told one, the young horse would not live. She wanted to know what she should put on the radionics machine to help it. I told her just put the excelerator near it in the barn. She called me months later and said the horse came back and was doing great, the vet could not believe it. Same with the second person who called about their ailing horse. Just put the Excelerator in the bard near them.


    If you have been wanting a new job, sell something, buy something and so on. For instance if you wanted to sell a car for instance. Take a photo of the car, write or type on a sheet of paper the type of car and what it has and the selling price. Put the photo on the sheet of paper. Then find a place in the house where you can burn a green candle by it. Set it up and put the EXcelerator on it for 5 min. have the candle lit at the same time. Do not have the EXcelerator on any more than 5 min. for it will do the opposite) Five (5) min will jump start the energy of any project. You may put the EXcelerator on for 5 min a day for as many days as it takes to get the desired results. Now this 5 minute rule is only for what you desire to energize under the Excelerator. Putting your hands or feet on the Excelerator you can do as often and as long as you desire as well as others.

    You may have as many projects going at one time. Just keep them separate, for instance you can place them side by side but not on top of each other. Do each project separately. Leave the green candle burning for a longer period of time. Each time you go into the room walk over to each project pick it up and visilize it doing what you desire. The next day put the Excelerator back on it each project for 5 min again. .

    Here are some projects you may want to do. New car, new home, new job, accepted into a college, funds come in for a project, raise or promotion at work, and so on. Make this a fun project for when you are playing everything moves faster. If you need more guidance on this, contact me.

    One of my clients called and said when her husband put his hands on the EXcelerator and could not stop laughing, also he felt very happy afterward. He called it a happy machine. The truth of the matter is when we are born with JOY as part of our soul. During childhood if there is a situation where JOY cannot live, it leaves and never comes back in this lifetime. Circumstances must be harmonious for JOY to stay. When he put his hands on the EXcelerator that part of his soul came back to him which was a wonderful gift indeed

    Someone just emailed this to me regarding the Excelerator OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH Caroline ! your machine is AAAAAMAZING... I was disappointed at first, because when I first put my hands on it I didn't feel anything much, although I was becoming aware of an increased energy level in my house, from the moment that the postman brought it to the door. Since that time the energy level has increased greatly. I feel incredibly good... A FEW INTERESTING TIDBITS... I slept near it, and when I awakened from a very deep sleep, and opened my eyes, I was instantly wide awake, yet when I would close my eyes, I was instantly returned to a near-sleep mental state. Then I would open them again, and be WIDE awake again... Never experienced this sort of thing before... HERE'S a strange(or maybe not) trick... I photographed the machine with my Polaroid I-Zone camera (takes postage-stamp sized photos), and velcroed the little photo to the inside of my waistband (my back was really bad that morning), and I swear to you my back began to feel better and better, and as I write this, my back feels amazingly wonderful... Does this make sense to you?... It was just a crazy idea (but I had an idea that it might work, for some reason)... Anyway, thanks Caroline, you and your items are truly miraculous WOW ! ... I'm saving up for Large Healing Templates  for me, my brother, and sister. John

    I have had 100% results on my wish list but you must have patience and do not go over the 5 min. If you are planning on buying the Excelerator to win the Lottery in order not to have to work anymore please don't. Before you came into this lifetime you wrote the program of things you want to, or do not want to experience. If you did not put win the lottery in a big way you will never win it. You wrote in your program what was best for your soul's journey. You may have been very rich in past lifetimes causing you not to move forward in your soul's journey. So in this lifetime wanted to get all karma out of the way, so you did not include this temptation and hindrance. You cannot over ride your own program. Remember you wrote it no one else made you. Many that are extremely poor, homeless, without food etc..this may be their last incarnation ..they are mostly clearing up all karma. They will be moving up the ladder to different dimensions very fast. Never having to come back to the 3rd dimension again. Great for them, they earned it.