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12 dial radionics machine comes with all the supplies needed to do radionics. The radionic workbook, 2 DVDs and all the supplies. COST $1,265.00+ s/h

The case is 10"x12" the depth is 4-1/2". Some of the work that you do is just putting the numbers in, which is turning the dials to the radionic frequency.

educational radionics workbook & home study

Caroline Connor, Radionics Consultant
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Request for radionics work to be done on you or your home, send me an email, or phone me regarding your situation, etc. I will then send you a quesionaire via email, fill it out and send back for a radionics analysis. the cost of the radionics analysis is $69.00.(it takes me 2 hours to do one analysis) I send back the completed analysis with my suggestion via email. After you read it over, we go from there with my suggestions on radionic work that needs to be done. See page four (4) for list of prices on various radionic work. I do not need to see anyone to work on them or do the analysis, radionics is done via long distance. That's what great about radionics you can work on anyone, anything, anywhere in the world, and not have to see them to do the work.

DO NOT email me or phone me and say you will be in Florida and want to visit or pick up some items. The reason I am putting this in some feel they must see me. Due to my ongoing extensive researach, I see no one, no exceptions. Due to the rarity of the items, all sales are final. Ask questions before you order. When you send me an email please put on the subject line Radionics, if you put hello, or hi,or no subject, I will not open your email due to spamming. I have tried to make my website an informative and enjoyable experience for you. Tap the boxes twice to open the music or lectures. Take advantage of these wonderful experiences.

I recently dreamed two different times that someone tried to break into my house and the person was carrying a gun. Then my sister also said she dreamed two men tried to break into her home.. Then my girlfriend said she dreamed someone tried to break into her home.. Now I thought what is going on since your dreams are warnings. . I asked my guides and they said the negative Sirians have decided to stay negativity even though we are all moving forward into the 4th dimension.

At this time the males are very angry because they have to give up their controls over females etc. now this anger is being gather up into a huge dome like structure so it can be used for the negative Sirians purposes. One of the things they are doing with this negative energy is beaming it down at the females around the world, while they are sleeping to create fear. Many females are dreaming they are being chased, houses invaded and robbed, someone trying to kill them. They are fearful of their lives when they wake up. There are very strong fear cords attached to the heart chakra that have to be taken out with the radionics machine. This takes days to do with the radionics machine. Now this dream is very realistic so it stays in their thoughts when they are awake, causing much distress. The things that will keep you in the 3rd dimension and keep you from moving to the 4 and 5th dimension is FEAR. The negative Sirians know this and will keep this up to keep the females from moving forward into their evolution. They need women to have the babies to keep the lower dimensions growing. The emotioons that will keep you in the lower levels are stress,worry, fear, anxiety, judgement, you against us, us against you. As we move forward to the higher dimensions we will have a very stong knowing we all are family, one with God.

Now what can we do? If you have a radionics machine do the following. On the RECIVING plate put on a slip of paper “all the males in the world”, on the SENDING plate put “Alphard #410891077 also use a soft pink filter with a crystal on the radionics machine. The star Alphard transforms anger to enthusiasm. So now the energy of anger that they are using will now be, enthusiasm a positive energy that they cannot use. Plus the males of the world now can use this enthusiasm for creative purposes instead of the angry energies for distructive purposes. You can also use this formula, on others who are angry all the time on your radionics machine.

Well we saw how smoking has been banned from many public places and class action suits take place regarding the downfall of the health of smokers. Even second hand smoke would damage those who were in the room. The tobacco industry was a very big business. But the integrity was not, they were adding substances to the tobacco which made a person addicted to smoking. It made an entire poplulation unhealthy and even setting up for early death. The result was our country stopped purchasing the product en masse, and today the industry survives by selling to those countries that are not yet aware of what you found out. What took place was the power of integrity over money.

Here we are again but now with the pharma companies, the big money that is invoved in this closed circle is immense, and the lack of integrity is going to be revealed slowly. The lives lost for profit will be counted, and they are going to be embarrassed faces and even a suicide or two. To think that an industry that's supposed to cure people is keeping them sick on purpose will be a wound in the very fabric of what is correct for humanity. The side effects of a medication many times will cause the body to shut down. So big pharma will fall and you'll know their names and they're going to have to scramble to keep up with the rest of the world, who may not have the proclivities for greed that made them fall. This may also change the perception of which countries have the best health inventions and solutions and many in this country may look overseas for anwers about their health needs.

What does this mean for those that are working in the holistic field. They will be contacted by the doctors offices for their advise and many will be added to their staff. Here again you will see radionics as well as other aternatives to help the masses. We are already seeing the changes by the many medical TV programs to enlighten the public of natural alternatives. So if you ever were drawn to radionics this is the time to seriously get started.

Animals act more aggressively as energies that are befalling Earth overload their electrical pathways. Attacks are more prevalent from usually docile creatures. Keep your pets in the house or enclosed porch for their own safety. Upgrade their central nervous system on your radionics machine, do the same for yourself frequently. Check their pet food that no SOY products are in their packaged food. It will make them loose their fur as well give them severe allergies. SOY BEAN during world war II was used to make oil for the machinery in the factories. It was never meant to be used for human or animal consumption. My guides said it really affects the animals in a negative way in their bodies. If human eats or drinks SOY,it will also give them allergies.

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The beauty and simplicity of the Radionics Home Study Program is that you can learn in the privacy of your own home at your own pace. With the Radionics Workbook and the instruction video you are walked though with your machine. I have invented small templates that you place on the machine that makes this system easy. You do not need to have any prior experience in this field of Radionics.

To learn at home you need the radionics machine, radionic workbook, instruction video, small laminated templates with colored filters, package of stones, and pendulum. radionics lecture video or dvd. This will get you started the day you received your equipment.

How many of you are feeling the quickening of time? How many of you have trouble sleeping? The inner crystalline core of the planet is now spinning faster. The ratio of the Earth's outer torque on its axis has changed inrelation to the increasing inner core spin. This is affecting the time continuum, and indeed all of our electronmanetic fields which is our aura field around our bodies. Our aruic fields are changing their skins. The process will intensify over the next three to four years. In the interim, your auric field can develop fissure cracks as it expands into greater frequencies. This can create what may be termed ascension imbalance. You must understand this. It can create temporary energy loss, leading to sleep disorders and chronic fatique. Simply use your radionics machine to seal the aruic field up. On the receiving plate put your name and date of birth. On the sending plate put the numbers 9000045 to seal up the aruic field. Check it often.

radionics machines

5 Dial Radionics machines: >

Here is a aura photo of the 5 dial radionics machine which shows the energy coming out of the machine. The small white box is the machine, the colors range from red/orange, yellow/gold and on the sides emeral green and purple, this gives you an idea how far the energy is radiating out of the machine.

5 DIAL RADIONIC Starter package $655.00 +S/H

The starter package contains, a Five Dial Radionic machine, Radionic Instruction video or dvd, radionics Lecture video, radionics Workbook, Laminated templates and color filters for radionics machine, gem stones, and pendulum.

Supplies needed for the radionic machines

Educational Radionic Workbook & General Information
$39.95 + S/H

Contains the following information:

  • How to do Radionics, rates, templates, chakras, silver cord.
  • Color therapy, Rock & Gem therapy, Star vibration rates, Chinese zodiac.
  • Astrology, daily living and your energy sources.
  • Crop Circles, UFO, abduction, implants, compatibility, dreams, brain rhythm.
  • How to get information from your dreams.
  • What makes you a day person or a night person?
  • Birth & death cycle, where do you go and what are your choices.
  • The soul, soul braiding, lost souls, soul retrieval.
  • Remove cords that are attached to the human body
  • The Magnetis of Gradtitude
  • Reversal of the South & North Poles & The Sun's Magnetic field Reversal
  • The effects of coffee on you.
  • Merkaba
  • Past Life cell memory triggers & how they affect you.
  • DNA
  • Repairing DNA.

Assorted Pendulums

Radionics Lecture Video or DVD:

Radionics INSTRUCTION Video or DVD:

Laminated Templates,Colored Filters, Healing cards:

Package of rocks and gem stones(as available) needed for templates:

Prices May Vary




$59.00..+ S/H

NOTE: If you want to order the INSTRUCTION VIDEO, you must have the supplies that you need to follow along with it. Some have their own machines which they purchased else where, and want my instruction video. I will not sell the instruction video to you unless you have the supplies needed, other wise it won't make much sense to you. Sorry!




These rocks are solid yellow sulfir (sulphur), no other rock is attached to them. Just hold them in your hand to swipe you auric field up and down to cut cords attached to the physical body.

Yellow sulfur rock is $19.00 plus S/H $5.10

Note I am running low on this rock. The place where I get no longer carries them. There are two kinds of yellow sulphur the soft rock which I carry and the hard rock which you can get on ebay. Also the yellow sulphur does NOT help the chakras in any way. If you want to work on the chakras the Excelerator clears, aligns and energizes them see page 2.

When I asked my guides what does the Yellow sulphur rock do, this is what I was told. It cleanses the auric field as well is the only stone that can removed cords that are attached to the human body. The only other way to remove the cords from past lifetimes is to ask the Golden Beings to remove cords from the past, present and future that do not aid you now or in the future.   If using the yellow sulphur just swipe all around the body each day with it saying the same words.   Now these cords are not the silver cord. The silver cord is attached to the end of your spine and it is attached to your spirit body. It locks on the end of your tail bone keeping you attached to the physical body. When the silver cord is loose you can rehook it with the use of radionics. The cords we are going to talk you now are cords that are attached to the physical body from one lifetime to another and cannot be removed with radionics. The average forty-five year old adult in the United States, in the average social and workplace conditions has several thousand cords attached to them. These cords are from past lifetimes as well as this lifetime. Let me give you a good example what a cord is. You have been told “You should forgive your brother or your sister or your uncle or your parents. That happened thirty years ago! Why are you still angry at him or her? You will try to mentally rationalize why you are still angry because you feel the anger and it's real, but you may not be able to say it in a rational way to another person. Maybe you can, but most often you cannot. Therefore, regardless of the best intentions of those who are trying to convince you to let go of this old grudge, you don't know how, because you are corded to the pain and the anger of the time. You are not corded to pain and the anger per say, but you are corded to something physical of that time line. Cords go to the physical things, whether they are physical in this dimension or other dimensions. They are, in fact things of substance. When these cords are removed by the Golden Light Beings, the anger and hurts associated with them are gone. These cords serve no purpose in this lifetime or the next, they only keep pulling you back to the physical experience that is long gone. When you have these cords removed which you have been carrying around from lifetime after lifetime you will now begin to feel physically stronger and mentally clearer and find it easier to adept and accomplish your physical and spiritual goals. In short you will have more energy to do the things that you want to do. It is like taking a large dump truck to the city dump and unloading it. You will no longer have all this trash to carry around with you. When a pain has been with you for years it could really be a lifetime after lifetime cords that is so deeply embedded in you that you now have to have it surgery removed. Do not wait that long before you contact the Golden Light Beings to work on you. Disentanglement is intended to extricate you from the uncomfortable ties that bind you to portions of your demonstrated personality, which for the most part have very little to do with who you actually are and who you will show yourself not be once disentanglement is well under way. Disentanglement allows you to gradually, gently remove these masks or cords while gradually, gently counterbalancing that removal as the weights and measures tilt toward balance in your life and the freedom you need to be yourself. Gradually you will emerge with the personality you were born with. This is directly connected to the essence of your true self, meaning that which bears the marks of your immortal personality. Disentangling cords, performs a clarifying function but clarity in our time is often associated with the mind. However, disentanglement is more associated with the physical body, the feeling self, the spirit self, the inspirational self and the instinctual self. These cords CANNOT be removed with radionics.

Aperson who has schizophrenia, the yellow sulfur rock, if carried in their purse or pocket will help calm them down. Their energies are very erractic and this wonderful softening energy eminating from this rock will help them. You can also place the rock by itself on the radionic machine to send them a claming and cleansing energy. Because of their erratic energies, they attract erratic cords to themselves. This will help remove these erratic cords from them. Do not do this while they are having an episode, use when you are doing your regular radionic work on them. This will help them greatly to find some much needed relief and peace.

Price $15.00 plus S/H

Peacock Ore Rock is a copper iron sulfide. I found it to be such a beautiful rock. It has many iridescent blending colors. I asked my guides what does this rock do? They said there was a very beautiful queen who thought her husband was cheating on her. So she asked the Gods for something to help her know if he was. So they sent this lovely piece of Peacock Ore to her. It helps to pick up the information if the mate or mate to be is faithful etc. Helps you fine tune into them, as well upgrades your natural radar system.

Hard to find Utah Ice, do not place Utah Ice in water or left in the rain it will dissolve I found out the hard way. You will either get two pices or one large piece that you can break up yourself. Price $15.00 plus S/H

Book of colored filters for your radionic machine $20.00 +S/H

My guides said, when you are working on the radionics machine and someone or something is stuborn and does not change to what you are trying to do. Put a small piece of creedite on it to move it along. There are small burrs on the creedite, just break a small piece off and put it on top of what you are wanting to change on the radionics machine. Price will vary from $12.00 to $22.00 depending on what sizes I have available.

On page 6 I have listed other NEW & USED Books FOr SALE

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