These two templates that I invented when used together create a large protective shield over where ever you place i, you can also wear them . You do not need a radionics machine to use them. They have to be used together to form this shield. You can make copies of it and place under your windows and doorways. Put in them in your children’s school bags. Put a copy in your wallet. Feel free to share it with others so they also may use this shield. I live in Florida where we had 5 hurricanes in a row, hit my area I had this shield over my home and had no damage to the structure. If you have a radionics machine, then put the photo of what you want protected on the receiving plate and on the sending plate put these templates. Also I have information on a stone called Wavellite on my web site you may want to read about Angelic protection. Many blessings upon you and your family during these coming stressful times.

The Fundamental Cause of Global Warming by Archangel Metatron

The primary cause of global warming is not greenhouse gases, and it is not caused by burning fossil fuels. So, although many of you are eager to take responsibility for planetary warming, humans and their pollution are not the drivers of global warming. Does this surprise you! It is true so do not be so eager to berate yourself. Now Al Gore, who we tell you is a soul of great heart, the reincarnation of your President Lincoln. Yes, the same! We agree with him in intent and we say that is is indeed wise to conserve, wise to find alternative fuels, and wise to stop pollution. But these activities, whereas they have contributed in small degree to the acceleration of the process, are not the prime drivers of global warming. Global warming would be occurring even if you were not an industrial, fossil fuel-driven culture.

The principle cause of global warming is the increased spin velocity of the planet’s inner core. It comes from the very center of the Earth. The changing torque and the increased pulses that flow outward contribute to the melting of the icecaps and the changing of the air and water currents. The warming of the planet is indeed occurring and it is part of the ascension process. Fear it not. Nothing will stop it, nothing should stop it. The ice will melt, and the waters will rise, and the hurricanes will continue. The melting of the poles reveals an entanglement of great complexity. The polar icecaps hold a farm ore complex purpose on the planet than humans have understood. They are crystalline ice, and they have recorded and projected the magnetic and frequency codes of the planet for millennia.

The issue of the Earth’s magnetic poles and the Earth’s axial tilt are intrinsic to the ascension as well. These are essentially two different, yet related phenomena. One is the reversal of the planet’s magnetic poles, and the other is a full geographical tilt of the Earth on its axis. Both have occurred at various times in your planet’s evolution. The probability of the current flow is that one, but not necessarily both, will occur, and that is the reversal of the magnetic poles. In fact, it is already partially underway. This event can occur without cataclysm; it can occur internally, and the degree of its influence is yet to be determined. But polar reversals occur regularly on your Sun and on your Moon, and indeed on your earth. These can occur, relatively speaking, rather smoothly. But axial tilts are another case and an axial tilt would indeed have much stronger effects.

The melting of the polar icecaps will indeed influence the weight distribution of the planet. The shifting of such density must be accounted for; it must be compensated in centrifugal balance. And as the polar caps must “reboot” the slower process of global warming is by far the more gentle method of this reprogramming in comparison to an axial tilt. A glance at the glove of your earth will show that the continents are far from evenly distributed. On one side of the planet is the enormous land mass of Africa and Europe and almost immediately opposite is the wide open expanse of the Pacific Ocean. This is, in part why your planet has a 23.8 degree tilt in it’s axis at the present time.

So, of course, ascension cannot occur without change. The increased spinning of the Earth’s molten core is the root cause of the melting of the icecaps and this must occur. Within the ice crystals of the poles are the frequency codes of the planetary resonance. The ice crystals project an enormous code and an enormous electronmagnetic field., according to their crystalline structure. Therefore, they must be dissolved, they must melt in order to re-create the planetary resonance. Earth changes are a necessary part of the transition that will take the planet beyond the third dimension and into the fourth, fifth, and beyond. Consider it a rebooting in order for a new program to be installed, the program that will allow for greater dimensional access in correlation with the crystalline 144 grid forming around the planet.


Marijuana, like all plant substances placed upon this earth, has a proper use for the human race. However, using it to alter the threshold of perception was not originally intended. This plant has many wonderful healing properties when used as a tea, an extract and the like, but to burn the plant and inhale its fumes is a misuse, the danger of which cannot be too strongly underlined. Firstly, the inhalation of smoke of any kind is harmful to the physical body. Secondly, the nature of the chemicals contained in the smoke from this plant, or more particularly the aetheric counterparts of these chemicals, wreaks havoc on the delicate aetheric tissues of the head and longs. This damage becomes permanent in a habitual smoker of Marijuana, and eventually the chnges filter down to the astral and physical bodies.

The transfer to the astral is more rapid then to the physical and if this astral crippling persists to the point of physical death, then the individual will find himself in a deformed and weakened astral body after he dies. Finallly, we should point out that Marijuana, and any chemical that artificially opens the senses to higher or "other" vibrations is not a proper way to aquire "gifts" similar to those developed by persons who have spent years on the Path and have finally earned the right to these special faculties. In some cases these drugs can serve the purpose of making the person aware that these higher experiences exist, but they should never be used beyond that simple discovery. After the seeker has been made aware of the existence of these other levels of being and awareness, he sould forthwirht abandon the artificial method (involving the drugs and chemicals) and should work to develop the gifts from his own inner awareness. If he can do that, then the gifts will always be his birthwright in later incarnations. But those who continuously use the crutch of Marijuana and the other drugs suffer the opposite fate. They find themselves in later lives even further from their goal in terms of the development of natural spiitural gifts.

The Magnetic”s of GRATITUDE

Life is a gift to participate in co-creation. As you live in gratitude, you also live in awareness Your awareness unfolds as you are looking for more things to be grateful about. As you live with an awareness of the feelings of joy and fulfillment, then, indeed all of this adds to the resonance that brings forth to you that which makes you feel fulfilled. It makes the heart sing and brings forth the heart’s desires. You wish to have prosperity, good health, great job, wonderful family; gratitude starts the regeneration of the frequencies to bring it forth.

The magnetics of Gratitude corresponds to the Earth’s magnetic field. I have more information on the Earth’s changing magnetics on my “important information on page one just click on it”. With the pole shifts the magnetic fields of the Earth have slowed down, therefore the fruit of your work and desires have slowed down in their returns. In order to step up this energy, you have to create the frequency to bring forth your desires, whether it is wealth, love, joy, happiness, work etc. This is called living in Gratitude.

The frequency of energy in a affirmation. Thank you for my wholeness, thank you for my completeness and thank you for the joy that I find in my day-to-day life. Why should I say thank you for my health and well-being, when it is not in the best of health. The truth is although the body might be showing some signs of dis-easement, the truth of the mater is that you are alive and in some way, well within your body no matter what the circumstances. This is what issues forth the thank you.

So, the thank-you and the gratitude have a different resonance from a statement that merely hopes that the statement is true. And so on, as always ,the universe responds to the frequency of what is. When you can look at the truth of your thank-you’s and truly feel that it is an “isness” so to speak, then that resonance is totally different. The universe supports you totally 100 percent of the time, and it will give you what ever your resonances is. Gratitude for the myriad blessings and beauty Earth provides generates a fortress of light for you personally and for our planet. Feeling gratitude, one of the many expressions of love, lifts the spirit, lightens the heart and lets the soul sing.