A glance at this list and youíll quickly notice that certain 2004 titles are conspicuous by their absence:Million Dollar Baby, Sideways, The Aviator, Hotel Rwanda, etc.In other words, what so many critics are calling the best movies of the year.While Iím not a mainstream critic myself (not that I wouldnít be, if only someone would pay me to do it...), those who follow my blather know that I am never afraid to endorse a mainstream, middle-of-the-road Hollywood production if it actually deserves it.My agenda is not necessarily to support independent films; it is to support good films wherever I find them.But this year, for some reason, I havenít been able to work up a great deal of enthusiasm for even the best mainstream movies (and yes, I consider Sideways a mainstream movie, though itís dressed up in original clothes).I found myself having trouble trying to contextualize them, quality-wise, among the movies that really excited me.So I decided to just leave them off my list altogether.There is a chance, then, that a film like Million Dollar Baby or Sideways is actually Ďbetterí than some of the ones that made it onto my list.But they were certainly less interesting to me, and thatís the final litmus test.


1.        Primer

2.        Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

3.        Before Sunset

4.        Vera Drake

5.        Donnie Darko: The Directorís Cut

6.        Hero

7.        Tarnation

8.        Open Water

9.        Red Lights

10.    Baadasssss!




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