Praying for a homeless man 
A Woman's Shanty 
Rogelio, a crippled homeless man 
A homeless campsite, before it was slashed & burned by Raleigh Police on 3-30-04 

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 are different photos  taken
within Raleigh, NC city limits.
They look like
third world conditions.
And they are...

Church in the Woods 

A ministry to the homeless of the Raleigh, NC area

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God loves you,
Raleigh, NC homeless!

Welcome!  On this website, you will find ideas on how to be a great help to "the least of these" who most need it!
  • Get some easy tips on how to bless the homeless people who cross your path.
  • Find the different ways to help the homeless on a weekly or monthly basis, by volunteering with "Church in the Woods."
  • Find out different ways that your church or group can be a vital part of easing and ending the plight of the homeless!

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