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'one of the most fascinating artists working in the field today' - California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art 


Susannah Israel's seminal work is widely shown and appears in private and public collections around the world, such as the American Ceramics Collection, Mint Museum, the Archie Bray Foundation, Mission Clay, and the Toki collection. Israel has received a Virginia A. Groot Foundation grant, an NCECA Resident Scholarship to Archie Bray, and a Distinguished Faculty Service Award for curriculum, among many honors. Recent work with colorful theatrical costumes can be seen in the Yinge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan. She is the only artist from the USA ever to win the Fletcher Challenge Premier Award for her dynamic piece, Lobo California, now in the permanent collection in New Zealand.

As a working artist in an urban setting, Israel engages the viewer in her gritty yet passionate view of humanity. Humor and struggle are always part of the message. Technically, she is known for her expressive working methods with clay, and signature glaze color and texture. Israel holds an MFA in Ceramics from San Francisco State University and currently teaches for Peralta Colleges in Oakland.

My respect and thanks to my teachers: Candace Crockett, Stephen de Staebler, Joe Doyle, Cleo Ferguson, Joe Hawley, Lewis Krevolin, David Kuraoka, Bud McKee, Alan Meisel, Paul Pratchenko, Celia Stahr, Byron Temple, and Peter Weltner.


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