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Upcoming from Ceramic Art & Perception: "Margaret Keelan: Reality Twice Removed."

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"Jon Gariepy: Stormy Weather", page 10-13. Neue Keramik magazine: Issue 3/2012

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Intersections, Influences and Innovations: the 2011 Ceramics Annual of America. catalog essay. John Natsoulas Press: Davis, CA

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Ceramic Excellence, 2010-2011 Archie Bray Fellows: Aaron Benson, Nicholas Bivins, Jana Evans, Mathew McConnell, Courtney Murphy

Sustaining the Creative Spirit. Studio Potter Magazine
Vol 39 No 1, Winter 2010/Spring 2011

Introduction. "Intersections & Influences: 2010 Ceramics Annual of America." John Natsoulas Press: Davis, CA 2010

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Collection of San Jose City College



from perception to realization...

The visual parade of urban life is a potent source for my inspiration. Crisp and vivid or fleeting and fugitive, a constant montage of images provides me with rich reference material while at work in the studio. The figure takes the center stage, as narrator, actor and symbol.

My artistic practice is a fusion of planning, process, and discovery. I begin with a series of drawings to develop a concept; I make notes about clay color, texture and finishes; when working directly with the material, I am alert to its expressive possibilities.

My approach to my materials is a combination of well-practiced skill and reckless disregard for established convention. I willingly sacrifice lifelike anatomy to questions of composition and gesture. I use both high and low-fire clays. A confirmed alchemist, I am always testing new formulas. I use nontraditional materials with clay - paint, metal, found objects, - when they serve the work best. I tell students "Use all your options," and I actually do take my own advice.