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Want to hear some Froggy the Gremlin greatness in your very own home? Of course you would, you would.


This is the MEDIA page.

Wouldn't you like to hear Froggy on radio, singing songs and driving people nuts? Then BUY A...

TWO-CD set of FROGGY THE GREMLIN on RADIO. Via PAYPAL (or money order)

CD #1 is ALL the existing Radio Torments...Froggy stopping the lectures of Shortfellow the Poet, Jim Nasium, Alkali Pete the Cowboy, Miss Van Snoot...

Hear Froggy drive 'em all nuts by injecting his demonic subliminal comedy into their speeches, advice and lessons. And utimately the show includes a Smilin' Ed sketch as Froggy, Midnight and the gang explore a spooky cave.

Yes, ALL Froggy's funniest and nastiest interruptions AND a Smilin' Ed comedy sketch with the gang.


On CD #2 you get ALL of Froggy's wacky and nearly insane novelty songs, including "Bubblegum" and "Kitty Katty Wampus Superdoo." ED offers "Silly Questions," "The Teacher Song," "The Doctor's Song," "Red Headed Doll," "Preacher and the Bear" and much more. A real favorite: "Mysterious Ghost." Spooky fun!  You get some of the original 78's, and a whole lotta Ed and Froggy singing on the old Buster Brown radio show!

All told, about an HOUR AND 40 MINUTES of PRIME FROGGY THE GREMLIN listening!

You'll treasure this 2CD set, you will you will. You will also be helping this website stay on the Internet! This ain't a free blogsite, it's not it's not.

$18.95 which includes postage and CONFIRMED DELIVERY. CDs arrive in jewel boxes with full contents on the back AND Froggy labels. What a deal. Send an e-mail to CYKOTTICK over at HOTMAIL.COM to get the Paypal address (or, yeah, money order can be done too, it can it can).

Should the video clips below not be working (which is almost always the case with browser conflicts and whatnot) you can find Froggy moments on YouTube via
SPOOKYLORRE. Just type in Froggy the Gremlin or SPOOKYLORRE to find them

First, the "Plunk Your Twanger" intro.

Then Froggy gives a suggestion to Chef Bonbon (Vito Scotti).

And a musical moment; about 30 seconds of Squeaky the Mouse (with bubble machine) and Midnight the Cat. And isn't Andy proud of them.