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   Since the early days of Chris’s career, he has been involved with writing songs for his various bands and projects. From psychedelic ballads to county anthems, Chris songs have graced the many albums that he has either recorded or produced.

     To handle the publishing of these songs, Chris has started two publishing companies, Indian Hill Music ASCAP and Charlena Music BMI. They are both administrated by Heavy Harmony Music. In addition to his own material Chris publishes songs by other great writers like:

    1. Robb Strandlund - (Already Gone-Eagles, I Can Tell by the Way You Dance-Verne Gosdin, etc.)
    2. Pat Brayer - (So Long So Wrong-Allison Krause, Good Imitation of the Blues-John Doe)
    3. Robert "Frizz" Fuller - (She Took of My Romeos, Tiki Torches at Twilight, etc. - David Lindley, From Pizza Towers to Defeat, Hills of Covina - Corky Carroll)


There are also many co-writers that contribute to these fine music catalogues:

    1. Max Buda - Has written with Chris since the Kaleidoscope Daze, and they have co-written two entire instumental albums together (Eye of the Storm and Harem Girl)
    2. Sean Mc Phetridge - Co-writer of many songs on Coyote/ Straight From the Heart.
    3. Connie Mardon - Has been writing and singing with Chris for 15 years (Any Old Port in the Storm, Eye of the Storm,etc.)
    4. Eddie Cunningham – A great singer/songwriter who has written many songs with Chris, including Stage by Stage and the classic, Get Back on that Horse and Ride.
    5. Jerry Waller- A stalwart on keyboards and the writer and singer of many of the Mojave tunes, including Heart of Darkness and Under My Wheels.
    6. Steve Lewis – A member of Mojave and writer of The Border and The Town That Never Cools Down.
    7. Kim Fowley - A long time co-writer and co- producer with many credits.
    8. Steven Darrow - Chris's son and co-writer with Kim Fowley.


For Further information contact Rhonda Bedikian at Heavy Harmony Music.


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