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                 In addition to Chris Darrow’s musical accomplishments, he has also been working as a photographer for many years. Two of his series are being shown at a very fine Internet magazine called INTANGBT18.GIF (1327 bytes) The title of the the show is Welcome to California. From over 300 images, 57 have been selected to be shown. The first, Shrines of Passion, deals with the search for modern day places of gathering and assembly that resonate like ancient archeological sites. The second, The Vanishing West, is a collection of photographs dealing with the loss of our western environment due to the encroachment of man and his ways.

              Chris has also contributed many photos for album covers in recent years. He has done the photography for most of his own projects, including, Harem Girl, Coyote/Straight from the Heart, Mojave, Los Chumps and Maxfield Parrish. His photos have also graced the covers of David Lindley and Henry Kaiser, Kim Fowley, Nick Gravenites, Starr Parodi, The Cache Valley Drifters, Swampdog, Jo Jo Clarke and Keven Brown, to name but a few.

                Chris’s pictures of women are also in the works. His ten year project, The Goddess Series and Hot Dog Book will soon be up for viewing.

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         For Information regarding the photographs and how
                    to purchase them, please contact us.

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