Hawaii, aka the "Big Island"

For a detailed description of our trip, see Kim's SOS Aloha blog.

The Mailekini (foreground) and Pu'ukohola Heiaus.  While little is known about the Mailekini Heiau, the Pu'ukohola Heiau was built by King Kamehameha as a result of a prophesy that doing so would help him conquer the islands.

Playing hawaiian checkers...

...and the rules thereof

The stone leaning post that the chief Alapa'i kupalupalu mano is thought to have rested against waiting for the sharks to devour his offerings.  (Hey, this is Hawai'ian history, folks-I'm not making it up!)

The Puako petroglyph field

Part of the Waikoloa petroglyph field

Rainbow Falls on the Wailuku River

The Naha Stone, estimated at 7000 pounds.  At 14, Kamehameha tried to move the stone at risk of death because legend said whoever could overturn it would be the first king of all the islands.  (He succeeded, which you should have guessed if you were reading the earlier notes.)

At the Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Park.  Those sentenced to death for breaking the law could 'pardon' themselves by certain rituals--IF they could get here before they were captured.

Part of the Kilauea Caldera

Inside the Thurston Lava Tube

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Last updated 17 August 2010