Charlie Luce's Generic Home Page

Greetings! Since you've come here (by intent or chance) I'll do the traditional thing and introduce myself and my interests, though as Web denizens go there's nothing much spectacular about me; I'm 46, married, no kids. Like many Netizens, my work is computer related; I do System Administration and Client/Server support on Windows, Unix, and OpenVMS systems -- my resume is on-line if you're interested.

My hobbies fall into three groups (well, maybe two-and-a-half).

I'm curious in general; besides surfing the Web (I've been using Alta Vista Search since before it went public, though I now mostly use Google ), I enjoy watching PBS and the Discovery Channel , and I subscribe toSmithsonian and National Geographic .

I enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Mythology, as well as Animation (including Anime); books, film, art, fan works, the whole nine yards.

Not unrelated to that interest, my main social hobby is running and playing Role-Playing games (the "pencil and paper" sort, as opposed to Play by E-mail, MUD/MUCK/MUSH/MOOs, or Computer/console types); My previous campaign was in the "Comic Book Superhero" genre, based on Mayfair's DC Heroes Role-Playing Game with extensive House Rules of my own, but I'm now running a game based on Guardians of Order's Anime-oriented game Big Eyes, Small Mouth (Second Edition Revised) with my own expandedRules Addendum .

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