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Qigong - Taijiquan (Tai Chi) - Traditional Northern Shaolin

Chinese movement arts are healing and martial when regularly practiced with attention to internal principles, not just external choreography. Classes, private instruction, and special events are offered.

Instructor: Debbie Leung
Studio: 606 Columbia St. SW
            (near Legion Way in downtown Olympia)


Instruction and practice is encouraged for everyone with a curiosity and desire to explore being in their body, improve their health, increase their range of movement and expand their knowledge within the traditions of Chinese movement and medical arts. Everyone works within their abilities from where they are at -- whether they are beginners or seasoned athletes, and movement is difficult or easy. Come meet great folks and have fun!

The spring schedule is posted in Classes. New beginning classes will start in August and September. If you have questions, would like to reserve your space in a class, or are interested in private lessons, please contact me.
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Master Su Zifang


The next Seminars with Master Su Zifang will be May 15 to 17, 2015.

Flyers and registration forms are now available!

“Master Su’s teaching is always fresh, patient and so kind.”

“She relates so well to people of all levels and abilities.”

“Master Su is an incredible combination of great spirit, heart and mastery of martial arts.”
Click on Master Su Zifang Seminars above for details and visit the Photo Gallery for photos from past seminars. For information on future seminars, to register, receive more information, get questions answered and schedule private lessons, please send an email to Debbie Leung by clicking below. You can also "Like" the Facebook page, Master Su Zifang Seminars.
To review forms and principles taught by Master Su and Shifu Zhao in this and past seminars (participation in the seminars are not required), come to the third Saturday monthly review. Contact Debbie Leung for more information.

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