From Start to Finish: How it works

Your Space:
The process begins with a conversation about your space. The tile installations should meet the client's need for function, character, and environment. Reven Swanson considers environment, color schemes and style to integrate the work into the space. A recommendation is given for a tile installation that meets all the design considerations and budget. The process is simple - reflective of the artist's approach to designing artwork that captures and inspires space.

The Production:
All the tiles are manufactured in the artist's studio. Reven Swanson has developed a unique firing sequence specific to a tile's environment. The glazes are hand-mixed as part of a specialized process to achieve brilliant hues in a variety of colors, and increased durability. Within the studio, consistent quality and customization is readily available for your project.

The Budget (C/SF):
In order to fit into most budgets, tile installations are figured with a cost-per-square-foot (C/SF) formula based on material and complexity. The C/SF may range from $35 to $80 per square foot. In most cases that fee includes design, material, production and installation. Other fees may be assessed depending on the installation requirements such as travel, shipping, taxes and other required materials. A complete estimate, including time frame will be provided at the appropriate time.

Getting Started:
Contact the artist today by email, phone or mail. A simple conversation about your space can get the creative process started. Order a sample kit or catalog to receive more information about the artist and the services.

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