In 1992, Reven Swanson relocated to Italy for a year to experience the world of Italian stone carving. One of her favorite sites to visit was the ancient city of Pompeii. Among the remnants of stone sculptures and architecture, she discovered many tile mosaics. The mosaics made an impression by their sense of permanence, utility and craftsmanship. It was as if through the tiles, each cut stone and grout line told a story; a story of elegant beauty that transcends time and catastrophic change.

Reven Swanson has pursued the knowledge and craftsmanship to create contemporary tile mosaics reflective of modern living. Her background, as a sculptor, influences the artistic vision so that the tile springs from its flat surface. The tile becomes "visually" sculptural and enhances the space where it resides. As an artist, she continually redefines new boundaries, applications and approaches to tile installations. Each installation becomes unique to its environment and owner.

To learn more about her work, a catalog is available with a complete resume, list of commission sites, publications and references.

Artist Reven Swanson with rock mosaic installation

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