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Frederick J. Chiaventone

Only a couple of good sites right now...here they are;

My wife Sharon is a wonderful artist.   Her paintings, done on silk, are quite large and quite beautiful. They've appeared in galleries, homes, and businesses here and overseas. See some of her remarkable work at:


Our great, longtime friend, Connie Dover is a singer/songwriter of great renown.  Her albums are a 'must have.'  (She's also a great gal and a good friend).

Ralph Peters (aka Owen Parry) is a longtime friend since our days in the Army. A marvelous writer, his books are superb.  Ralph is also a contributor to newspapers and magazines and a frequent guest on news programs such as the PBS News Hour.  Here's a link to his latest book;

Steve Coonts, author of the classic "Flight of the Intruder" and another old friend


Novelist, screenwriter, commentator