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This site is dedicated to my two favorite hobbies

Hi and welcome to my website, it's a work in progress so don't be too critical of it.

Be sure to check back in from time to time as I add more new content and work on my photography skills.

I have been collecting, restoring, selling, and trading vintage radios and clocks for almost 30 years. Some items I wish I hadn't given up, but like Johnny Carson used to say:

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Check out the Boat Anchors section. I've been going all out on R-390As and keep adding new material as I get it.

Boatanchor Communications Receivers

Cathedral Radios

Tombstone Radios

1931 AtwaterKent Model 82 Cathedral Style Radio

7 tubes AC superheterodyne circuit broadcast band only

1931 Zenith Zenette Model B Cathedral Style Radio

6 tubes Tuned Radio Frequency circuit

Broadcast band only

Crystal Radios

1920's Radio Battery Eliminators

Self Winding Clocks

Have any suggestions or ideas email me at:

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