From the Ukraine: Yakov Chervin (desc. Zalman, 6th gen.)

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Father: Michael Chervin

Mother: Haya


Children with Basya:

Children with Frida:

Biographical information:

Born April 25, 1914 in Enakievo, Donetsk oblast, Ukraine. Moved before 1930 to Mariupol, Ukraine.

According to widow, involved in the occupation of Poland in 1939. Served in 1941 on the Black Sea as a leutenant of a volunteer company (rota - about 100 men), Dunai fleet, organized in Odessa. After defending Odessa drew back to the Crimea. Seriously injured, remained on the battle field, hidden by Tatar woman. The following day the village came under Soviet control for one day and he was taken to a hospital and had a leg amputated. Demobilized in 1934, and given a medal in 1945 recorded in the award card (uchetnaya kartochka) shown above. Ref.

Moved in 1948 to Samarra, Russia. Died 1983 in Samarra, Russia. Worked as a salesman. Had a cousin on his mother's side named Tseitlin.

Line known from 1858 revision list, Svir, from Yad Vashem records, and from other sources via Pavel Bernshtam.