Chervin Family of Argentina: Isaac (Itzhak Julio) Chervin

Father: no information

Mother: Fanya (Fanny)


Children with Elena Jacobson:

Children with Riwke (Rebeca) Susterman:



Biographical information:

Born 1870. An energetic and earthy man, trading in meat. Once on a trip to Siberia, pursued by wolves, he gave up first the meat and then his horses.

Note: Isaac's first wife died in 1900 after bearing 5 children, which suggests Isaac's birth year may have been a little before 1870.

Married in Ekaterinoslav, Russia (a city in the possession of Rumania or the Ukraine, at various times).

Luis and Benjamin died in the Russo-Japanese War. Isaac Immigrated to Argentina with his three surviving sons. The cousins listed also immigrated.

They immigrated to the following locations:

Source: Catalina Chervin de Abramzon, via her son Roberto Abramzon.
Geni listing by Lorena Litvac and Martin Perlman

Lorena lists Maria and Sara

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