Tzerlin and Tzirlin


From Arnold Pesis' genealogy site (, Haim Tzerlin and descendants (Riga and Israel):

Pesis family line including Chaim Tzerlin and descendants (wife Beranika Tevelev descended from Slata Goz (Goss). Also listed under Estonia.

Goz Line


This spelling is used in Yiddish and Hebrew as an equivalent of Tserlin.


  • Estonian/Israeli Tserlin line
  • These are spelled Tserlin in Estonia, and Tzerlin in Israel. We have them on the Tserlin page.
  • Shaul Tzerlin (Tsirlin)
  • Song lyricist (he spells his name Tsirlin, but other sites spell it differently, based on the Hebrew).

    Minsk Gubernia

    We have also found this spelling on the genealogy site of Carlton Brooks.

    It appears to be a Minsk-based line that used some form of Tzerlin while in Minsk. This line adopted Sirlin in the U.S.

    The information will be found on our Sirlin page, though one could also compare the Minsk Cherlin line.



    Known from one Ellis Island record:

    January 2004