Some Tsirlin or Tsyrlin family members
(Yiddish and Hebrew: Tzirlin)

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Ellis Island Data

Note: These two forms are common in cyrillic and not clearly distinguished in offical records, so we will not separate them.

Modern Lines

Chelyabinsk oblast


U.S.: Disna (Plisa) Line
Vilna and Vitebsk gubernias

We know from a Russian language document that the Cherlins of Plisa, at least, used the spelling Tsirlin in Russian. (See Plisa line.) In the U.S. they adopted the spelling "Cherlyn".

We also have a Bessie Cherlin Glinsky who was born in Disna in 1895 and died in Syracuse, New York; she had a niece Shifra Cherlin Feigelman living in Montreal.

U.S.: Ukrainian Line

We had the following communication in Fall 1998: Michael George Tsirlin was a student in the Electrical Engineering Department of UCLA, as of 1998.

He wrote:

We came from the Ukraine five years ago, but part of our family came to the U.S. in the early 1900's. My father's name is George, son of Alexander, son of Leo (Leiba). Leo had a brother David. I have relatives in Petersburg, Moscow, and New York.

With this spelling, the SSDI has listings for

There is also an SSDI listing for

2. Unidentified individual: Leonid Tsirlin, financial advisor, Ottawa.

3. Canadian model, Russian-born: Nelly Tsyrlin

Estonian Line

The Estonian Line uses the spelling Tserlin, which in Russia was not a variant spelling of Tsirlin, but may well have been a variant spelling of Cherlin.


One extensive line originates in Dokshitzy (modern Doksycy, Belarus), and a possibly related line (same page) in Parafianov near Dokshitzy.

Shalom Tsirlin. Editor of the Disna Memorial Volume (Tel Aviv, 1969).

Shaul Tsirlin, song lyricist and performer. His discography (1989-1997) was formerly available at Eshkolot (Israeli Artists Society) via the link

Contemporary Telephone Listings


Meir Tzirlin is listed as a resident of Dusiat in the Yizkor book for Rokiskis (Rakishok) and environs.

Modern Russia

Tatyana Vladimirovna Tsyrlina is a Professor of Education at Kursk University.

Igor Samuilovich Tsirlin is a member of the Russian Academy of Science, and head of Informkosmos, a space communications and satellite development firm.

Mark Samuel Tsirlin was listed in the International Who's Who in 1998. We do not know definitely whether the father was the same in both cases.

Moscow Line

We have independent sources of meager information about Moscow lines, possibly the same one, but perhaps also many different ones.

St. Petersburg Line

A lot of Tsirlin/Tsyrlin/Cherlin/Chirlins passed through St. Petersburg or came to the attention of the authorities there, and some remained.

Among contemporaries, this includes

Participated in WWII

Older Lines

Crimea (Krym)

Ekaterinoslav Gubernia (later Donetska oblast)

Kharkov Gubernia

Kiev Gubernia

Odessa Gubernia (Ukraine)

Mogilev Gubernia

Gomel uyezd

Gorky uyezd

This Charna (apparently) not to be confused with:
  • Charna UNKNOWN
  • M. Isaac Feierman
  • Shaya (Sasha, Aleksandr) Tsirlin
  • M. Fania Mindlin
    b. 1909
  • Fania Tsirlin Maksimov
  • M. Sasha (Aleksandr) Maksimov

    Mogilev uyezd

    Mstislavl uyezd

    Orel Gubernia

    Smolensk Gubernia

    Ostrolenka district: Lomza

    Polesye district: Petrikov

    Prozoroki, Belarus

    Source: Yad Vashem. Hebrew; transcribed on the form as Cirlin. Pages submitted by Masha and Tsivia's cousin Loba Grinberg, holocaust survivor. Location: Prozoroki, Glebokie, Wilno, Poland (Prazaroki near Hlybokae in Belarus; Vilna gubernia in the Pale).

    Vitebsk Gubernia

    Drissa uyezd (modern Verkhnedvinsk):

    Overlaps with Disna close by in the Vilna gubernia, notably in the Tsirlin/Lekakh line.

    Extracted from the 1907 Duma Voter Lists, 3rd Duma:
    C1-143 Tsirlin Mendel Iserov property [ownership] Drissa
    C2-558Tsirlin Izroel Khaim Shmuilov property [ownership]Kokhanovichi

    Drissa, Dvinsk, Moscow, U.S.

    See also our "Canadian" line (Drissa/Israel/Canada).

    Polotsk District


    The memorandum books for the years 1862-1912 have one Tsirlin listed:

    Also, from the town of Lepel, in the 1911 business directory we have Merka Tsirlan and his father Leiz Tsirlan, probably a form of Leiser or an abbreviation.

    Rezhitsa and Lepel are uyezds as well as towns.


    Active in Russia after 1917

    Ellis Island Immigration Records

    There are extensive records for immigrants whose names are variants of Tsirlin. See the list of common variants.

    Many of these variants are simply misreadings by the transcribers of the Ellis Island manifests. On the original manifests the names are spelled in a limited number of ways, though the handwriting is extremely variable and often unclear. The common variants are Cirlin, Cyrlin, Sirlin, Zirlin, and Zyrlin. The forms Tsirlin and Tzirlin do not occur.

    See the full listing (Cirlin).


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