The Shirlin family

At present we don't have much information about Shirlin lines, and possible relations with Cherlins, Tsirlins, and others.

We have 10 listings from the Social Security death index falling mainly into two groups of people who used the Shirlin spelling as their official name.

We also have two who were listed as Shirlin on the Ellis Island immigration manifests (1906). These spellings are not particularly reliable, as they seem to have been chosen by the immigration officer and the final forms chosen by the immigrants often differ noticeably. These are Dobisch and Rivke Shirlin. Their Ellis Island records are here

Dobisch was the mother, and Rivke the wife, of a man listed as Israel Scherlin and living on Antoine St, Detroit, Michigan. This could be the Ize Scherlin listed on a 1904 manifest, but as he came from Vitebsk in the north, and they came from Khodorkov, way south near Kiev, it seems unlikely. The possibility that Ize was Isadore Cherlin, though far from certain, is geographically more likely.


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