Serlin Family: Ellis Island entries

and others from the Pale

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Grodno gubernia All others
From Grodno gubernia:

From Brest-Litowsk
  • Berl Girlin (Ellis Island Record, manifest not available)
  • Cousin Gidel Serlin, 77 Clinton St., not otherwise known
    From Brest-Litowsk
  • Beile Serlin b. ca. 1887, imm. 1906
  • Brother-in-law Mojsche Goldberg
  • Iser Serlin b. ca. 1892, imm. 1909
  • Wife Selig Serlin
    Brother Calmen Serlin
    From Grodno:
    From Pinsk, Grodno gub. (south):
    From Pruzhany (EI: Pruzany) district:
    From the town of Beresa (Bereza), Pruzhany uyezd, Grodno gubernia:
    Living in Bereza in 1942. Ref: Full list, Stephen Morse
    In Pruzany in 1912, father Isser (not necessarily the same one)
    Wife Zlatka Serlin
    Ref: JewishGen Necrology Database
    Also Mania Serlin Slutzki and Yenta Serlin (relationship unclear)
    From Volpa:
    From Yalavka, Volkavysk, Grodno: