Cherlin Family, Unknown Lines

Cherlins not associated with one of the known lines
There are now the following known (major) lines:
5 American lines
1 Australian line 2 Russian/Israeli lines
1 Estonian line

Alabama Arizona California Connecticut Florida Georgia Illinois Maine Massachusetts Minnesota New York Ohio
Pennsylvania Texas U.S., State Unknown
Belgium Denmark England France Germany Israel Lithuania Mexico Poland Russia Singapore Switzerland

Hui Lin Cherlin Huntsville, AL  
Bernice Gersitz Cherlin Phoenix, AZ U.S. Search
Cherlin, G... 440 Cowsert Trl...Cottonwood, AZ 86326-5510 Cf. Arthur Cherlin
Raul C. Cherlin North Hills; Van Nuys, CA U.S. Search
Elsa P. Cherlin Van Nuys, CA U.S. Search
Jacob Cherlin Long Island, Palm Desert CA Bar Mitzvah 2013
Harry Cherlin Pigeon Hill Road, Windsor, Conn.
d. Allentown PA
Born in "Poland". Son of Samuel and Esther
September 9, 1917 - September 1982
SSN 042-12-4715
Ida Cherlin Hartford, CT
d. Allentown PA
July 2, 1919 - May 1979
SSN 042-12-9476
Wife of Harry
Cherlin, Joyce 3665 NE 167th St Apt 506, Miami, FL  
Cherlin, Lisa S. 641 SW 74th Terrace, Plantation, FL  
Stephanie G. Cherlin Hollywood, Miami, Boca Raton Possibly a daughter of Norman Cherlin
Asya G. Cherlin Atlanta, Norcross U.S. Search
Tillie Cherlin 1224 Blue Island Ave, Chicago Born ca. 1873 (1920 census)
Louis Cherlin B. Illinois February 14, 1894
Inez C. LIEBERTHAL nee Cherlin B. Illinois, D. Los Angeles Cty CA 18 Jan 1901-13 Aug 1956 SS#564147939;
Mother nee Goldstein
Louis Israel ROSEN
Mother's maiden name Cherlin
B. Illinois, D. Marin County CA 28 Feb 1919-28 Oct 1993; SS#326128858
Morris Cherlin Houlton, ME Married Helen G. McLeod, Sep. 4 1934.
Helen G. Cherlin nee McLeod Barre VT Married Morris Cherlin, Sep. 4 1934.
Peter Cherlin U.S. Census, 1860
Born 1819, Ireland
Ann Cherlin U.S. Census, 1860
Born 1824, Ireland
John Cherlin U.S. Census, 1860
Born 1856
Owen Cherlin U.S. Census, 1860
Born 1857
Gertie Cherlin 1012 Matilda Ave. Active in 1890 as a milliner.
Jacob and Nataly Cherlin St. Paul Minnesota, 1989 Born in Minsk
New York
Abraham, Marsha, Molly, and Bernard Cherlin U.S. Census, 1940 200 Henry St. NYC.
Bernard and Dora Cherlin New York State Census, Albany, 1915 Five children or relatives. Detailed data not available (no image).
Helen Cherlin Brooklyn PS 109 Born ca. 1908
Hirsch Cherlin Arrived in NY 1904 Born ca. 1872 (Ellis Island Manifest)
Joseph Levy/Cherlin Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY Born 1868 (ref: Amy Frey)
Mary Cherlin or Cheshin 39 E. 76th St., Brooklyn Born ca. 1863 (1920 Census)
Israel Cherlin Arrived in NY ca. 1905. 188 10th St., Manhattan (1910 Census) Born ca. 1887.
Anna Cherlin Arrived in NY ca. 1904. 188 10th St., Manhattan (1910 Census) Born ca. 1888. Wife of Israel Cherlin
C. Cherlin 320 W. 87th St  
M. Cherlin 211 E 70th St Apt 10B, New York, NY  
Martin S. Cherlin
Roslyn Heights, East Hills, NYC. Born ca. 1938.
Sherry L. Cherlin Roslyn Heights, East Hills, NYC. Sherry Cherlin Born ca. 1941. Real Estate. Formerly at Sterling Properties. now David Gale Real Estate.
Gary A. Cherlin Roslyn; Old Westbury, New York Born ca. 1966.
Nicole D. Cherlin Roslyn; Old Westbury, New York Born ca. 1969.
Bessie Cherlin Glinsky Syracuse, Onondaga Cty., New York June 20, 1895 - March 1982
Michael Cherlin Cincinnati, Ohio Born ca. 1822. Source: Passport application, March 29, 1865
Mordche Cherlin Canton, Ohio Born ca. 1885. Source: Ellis Island July 15, 1902
Ida Cherlin or Chirlin Media, Delaware County, PA 19063 Born 15 July 1891, Died July 1972. SSN 179-36-5841.
Source: death index.
Ida Cherlin
Same as above, with different information.
5221 Columbia St., Philadelphia PA Born July 10, 1892 in Russia. SSN 179-36-5841
Source: social security card application and 1930 Census
Jacob Cherlin 5221 Columbia St., Philadelphia PA Born 1888. Source: 1930 Census
Myer Cherlin 704 Hoffman St., Philadelphia PA Born 1891. Source: Draft Card
Sarah Cherlin Sibulkin Pennsylvania, PA Born 1897. Source: 1930 Census
Mark Cherlin Stockbroker Richardson, Texas
U.S.: State Unknown
A. F. Cherlin Croix de Guerre, 1918 Residence not known
See also the English Lines Page
Thomas Cherlin See also Maria, Mary (below), and Ann. Born 1804, married November 20, 1841. Warwickshire
Mary Cherlin 2 records, presumably the same person B. 1849 Warwickshire, died Sep. Q. 1901, West Ham (near London)
Henry Cherlin   Married Martha Jones July 8, 1872 at Saint James the Less, Ashted, Warwick

Sarah Cherlin   Died Aug. 16, 1916 aged 58, London

Abram (Abraham) Cherlin Parents Bennett, Sirry
3 children emigrated to Australia.
B. 1868
Married Mary (Mire Ufland) March Qtr., 1891
Becky (Rebecca, Beryl) Cherlin   Born Dec. Qtr., 1892, Stepney
Harris Cherlin   Born March Qtr. 1894, St. George in the East, London
Died May 3, 1817 in France
Katie Cherlin   Born June Q. 1900, West Ham

Beatrice Cherlin Birmingham (1901)
See also John Cherlin
Born ca. 1880

Samuel S. Cherlin   Born Dec. Q. 1897. Died Feb. 9, 1921

Annie Cherlin   Died Jan. 14, 1969.
Buried in Cheshunt Cemetery
Cassel Cherlin   Died Aug. 13, 1973.
Buried in Cheshunt Cemetery

Ben Allan Cherlin Joint Director, Thorpine Properties, 1990 Born May 26, 1917

Howard Cherlin Tel: 44-181-394 1074;
Fax: 44-181-786 8178
Born before 1950.

Andrew Paul Cherlin Painter Born Nov. 21, 1964
Jayne A. Cherlin Stavely Close, London Sister of Andrew and Michael.
Michael L. Cherlin Simpson Road, Snodland Born June 9, 1952.

Pauline C. Cherlin St. Ives Road, Huntingdon --

Chris Cherlin Financial Services Authority, England --
Marie Joseph Cherlin Arrived in Philadelphia Apr. 20, 1887 on the Saxonia, from Antwerp Born ca. 1816.
Svena Cherlin Arrived at Boston Oct 1900 on the Saxonia
Listed as male
Born ca. 1828
Svend Cherlin Arrived at Boston Oct 18, 1900 on the Saxonia Born ca. 1840
Anna Cherlin Wife of Pierre Gueth who died April 24, 1773. Died before husband
Rosine Cherlin Arrived in New Orleans on the Saxonia, from Hamburg, May 6, 1871.  
Fritz Cherlin Wife probably Catherina Born about 1858. Immigrated to U.S. 1890
Wilhelmina [Wiehilmina?] Cherlin   Born about 1850. Married about 1871, Statin Germany.
Yakov Moshe Cherlin Son died in Jerusalem, 1917 Father of Pesach Cherlin
Alexander Cherlin Son died in Jerusalem, 1942 Father of Dov Ber Cherlin
Elihyahu Cherlin Son died in Tiberias, 1954 Father of Uri Meir Cherlin
Shneur Zalman Cherlin Chevrah Kadisha Jerusalem Father of Chayya Reizel Cherlin d. 1970
Jacob Cherlin Brother of Nehama Laufer Contacted Carlton Brooks
Boris Cherlin Haifa Father of Reissa Cherlin
Slava Cherlin Vilna Born ca. 1966
Gertrudis Cherlin Mexico City Federal District Married Sept. 2, 1777 Cuauhetmoc.
Jorge Alfredo Mirando Cherlin Baja California  
Luis Cherlin Mexico City Federal District Married August 14, 1866 in San Jose y Nuestra Senora Del Sagrado Corazon
Manuel Abundo Cherlin Mexico City Federal District Married Oct 30 1805 in San Miguel Arcangel
Noakh Cherlin Kostopol Yad Vashem, from the Yizkor book for Kostopol (Kostopel)
Getsek Cherlin Mogilev Father of Neukh
Neukh Cherlin Mogilev Married Khasia Berlin in 1878
Faivel Cherlin Mogilev Married Fruma Heikin in 1881
Poh Cherlin  
Marta Cristina Cherlin   Married August 28 1796 in Losen, Blekinge.
Cristina Elisabeth Cherlin   Married Feb. 18, 1796, Stockholm
Margareta Elisabeth Cherlin   Born Oct. 1, 1795, Stockholm
Gertrud Cherlin Ermatingen, Thurgau. Christened 1624 in Ermatingen, Thurgau.
Birth record in the civil registration.
Aristotales Cherlin  

Additionally, Cherlin occurs as a given name. A striking example is found in the 1910 Pennsylvania census, where Cherlin Eegnotsuk is listed with his relatives.

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