Leibe Tsirlin

Father: Zalman Leizer Tsirlin

Mother: Chyene Shifre

Spouse: Hanna Ofman


Biographical information:

Born ca. 1859, Pleshchenitzy, modern Pleshchenitsa, Belarus, about 40 mi. NNE of Minsk; pop. 738 ca. 1921. Asthmatic, seriously ill throughout life. Lived in Zobin with Hanna until the government decree to leave the small towns, then in Klibane. Opened a shop jointly with Mote Ofman in Pleshchenitsa, but was advised to switch to outdoor work and became a delivery man.

Moved to Minsk in 1897, working as a drayman. Died in 1901, a little before Passover.

Source: Family history by son David (from greatgrandson Harry).

Created February 2004