Zirlin Family: David Zirlin (Cerlin)

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Father: no information

Mother: no information

Spouse: Ita Feiga Zirlin


Biographical information:

Known from immigration record of wife and children, where their name is given as Zirlin and his is given as Cerlin.

Wife's Ellis Island record, July 7, 1914, the Kursk from Libau, (surname transcribed as Qirlin), pp. 627-8 line 24. Husband given as David Cerlin, 57 Main St., Mount Holly, NJ.

Known also from records of the Lipshutz/People's Bank (Stew Cherlin), which offers more detailed records which we do not have. Passage for David's wife and children was booked Dec. 6, 1913, order number 12519, and they arrived July 7, 1914. Prior to that, there is an order for Chawe (=Chava) Hode and Solomon on Oct 27, 1912 (8330) and again for Chawe Chode on March 1, 1913 (9073).

Created January 2004