Cherlin Family: Ida Kaufman Cherlin

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Whitehall, PA

Father: Abraham Kaufman

Mother: Mollie Spector

Spouse: Harry Cherlin

SS-5: Application for Social Security Account Number

Number: 042-12-9476
Name: Ida --- Kaufman
Mailing Address: 73 Earle St., Hartford Conn
Employer address: J. J. Newberry + Co. Inc.,
Main St., Hartford, Conn.
Age on last birthday: 19
Date of birth: July 2, 1919
Place of birth: Hartford, Conn.
Father's full name: Abraham Kaufman
Mother's full maiden name: Mollie Spector
Sex: Female
Color: White
Date of employment: Nov. 26, 1938
Date signed: Nov. 29, 1938
Signature: Ida Kaufman

Biographical information:

Born July 2, 1919 and died May 18, 1979.

Unmarried at the time of the SS-5 application. Ida and

The marriage of Ida and Harry was inferred from the addresses and the dates. The photograph of the grave confirms it.

Sources: Social Security Account Number application (SS-5), the SSDI, and

April 2003-2007.