Chirlin Family - Esther Mollie Shore Chirlin

Father: Lewis Shore

Mother: Yetta Rubin

Spouse: no information, but evidently a Chirlin

Children: no information

SS-5: Application for Social Security Account Number

Number: 182-01-9649
Name given to employer: Esther Mollie Shore
Mailing Address: 866 N. 6th Street, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Employment: Pioneer Coat Front Co. Inc.
Employment address: 1027 Callowhill St. Phila. Penna.
Age on last birthday: 28
Date of birth: October 15, 1908
Place of birth: Russia
Father's full name: Lewis Shore
Mother's full maiden name: Yetta Rubin
Sex: Female
Color: White
Date: December 4, 1936
Signature: Esther Shore

Biographical information:

Known from her SS-5 form and the SSDI.

Born October 15, 1908 in "Russia" (presumably the Pale of Settlement). Living in Philadelphia in 1936. Died in May 1975 in Philadelphia, PA (19102). Death record lists the birthdate as 15 Oct 1900 but the information on the SS-5 is clear.

Created April 2003.