Tsyrlin Family: Moisey Tsyrlin

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Tsyrlin Family, Jan. 1910

Father: no information

Mother: no information

Spouse:Fira Tsyrlin


Biographical information:

From Ekaterinoslav (now Dnipropetrovsk'a, Ukraine).
Involved with the lumber industry and the production of butter.

His descendants live in Moscow, Dnipropetrovsk'a, the Crimea (Simferopol, Evpatoria), Israel, and the U. S. (Washington, D.C.; San Francisco; Phoenix).

Ekaterinoslav was in the region of the agricultural colonies set up by the government for Jewish colonization in the early 19th century. After the revolution it was heavily industrialized.

Moisey was a Merchant of the Second Guild.

From Hunt's merchants' magazine, Vol. 6, 1842:

2. The body of merchants is divided into three Guilds, or classes, of different degree; to one of which every merchant must belong according to the nature and extent of his trade, by holding an annual licence ...

5. Merchants have no personal or poll tax to pay, and those of the first and second guilds are besides exempt from military conscription and from pain of corporal punishment, when tried for crimes ...

8. A burgher, intending to get inscribed into the second guild, declares himself to be possessed of a capiatl of about 1000 pounds, which is subject to the same annual rate of 4 2/5 percent; ... 1st. His importation in one ship ... must not exceed the sum of 2,500 pounds ... 2nd He is not allowed to set up an insurance office, nor to style himself a banker. 3d His contracts ... are not to exceed an amount of 2,500 pounds in a single transaction, nor is the aggregate to be more than 15,000 pounds in a twelvemonth. 4th He may keep shops ...

A family tradition has it that the family came from Italy.

Source: Irene Kelner, 2012.

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