Cherlin Family: Yaakov-Ber Tsirlin

Father: Wolf (Zev, Velvel) Tsirlin

Mother: Esther Tsirlin

Spouse: Golda Muskat Tsirlin


Biographical information:

Born 1882. Died 1942 in the holocaust. Some of the children reached Israel.

Listed in the Yizkor Book for Dokshitzy as a Holocaust victim, together with family, according to the Belarus SIG. Keidershe St., Dokshitzy.

They use the spelling Cyrlin, which seems to be part of an idiosyncratic transcription of the Hebrew text: another source gives Zirlin,, and no doubt the Hebrew was simply reproducing the name Tsirlin, using an initial Tsade.

This listing is isolated, but Rabbi Gorr supplied a family tree. Rabbi Gorr uses the spelling Cherlin, common among emigres to the West. All detailed information comes from Rabbi Gorr.

Source: Rabbi Gorr to Carlton Brooks, 1986.