Cherlin Family: Freide Cyrlin

Father: Yanael Cyrlin

Mother: no information.

Uncle: Julius Schiller

Spouse: no information

Children: no information

Biographical information:

Born ca. 1889.

Ellis Island immigration records, p. 214-15, line 4. From Libau, Posen, Prussia, Germany on the Birma, May 19, 1912.

Passenger Record Text Manifest Scanned Manifest

Surname Given
Age Sex Marital
Profession Nation Ethnicity Residence Destination Passage
paid by
$50? Previous visit Host
Cyrlin Freide 23 f s tailoress Russia Hebrew Usliany NY uncle $23 no uncle Julius Schiller
64 E. 104 Str. New York
father Yanael Cyrlin
Usliany gov. Minsk
Ustawi, Russia

The father's first name is hard to read, especially the initial letter.

Created November 2003