Cherlin Family: Moses Cirlin

Father: Benjamin Cirlin

Mother: Chane Cirlin

Spouse: no information

Children: no information

Biographical information:

Born ca. 1890.

Ellis Island immigration records, p. 881-82, line 1. From Antwerp, Belgium on the Vaderland, June 21, 1909.

There are separate immigration records for his apparent brothers yankel and Mendel Cirlin.

Passenger Record Text Manifest Scanned Manifest

Surname Given
Age Sex Marital
Profession Nation Ethnicity Residence Destination Passage
paid by
$50? Previous visit Host
Cirlin Moses 19 m s tailor Russia Hebrew brother NY $50 no no brother M. Cirlin
c/o L. Chaskin 2099 8th Ave NY
father Benjamin Cirlin
Winiamin Russia
Boda Seredina gub.

The town is Seredina-Buda (Seredyna-Buda), NE Ukraine, on the border with contemporary Russia, and unusually far to the east.

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