Cherlin Family: Basche Cirlin

Father: Mendel Cirlin

Mother: Zelde Cirlin

Spouse: no information

Children: no information

Biographical information:

Born ca. 1901.

Known from mother's immigration records, Ellis Island.

Ellis Island immigration records, p. 546, lines 5-7. From Hamburg, Germany on the Batavia, April 14, 1907.

Passenger Record Text Manifest Scanned Manifest

Surname Given
Age Sex Marital
Profession Nation Ethnicity Residence Destination Passage
paid by
$50? Previous visit Host Born
Cirlin Zelde 38 f m h-wife Russia Hebrew Lepel Brooklyn husband no no husband Mendel Cirlin
Brooklyn NY
Stamburg Ave 143
" Basche 5 f s child " " " "   " "   "
" Mendel 4 m s child " " " "   " "   "

Globoky appears to be Glubokoye (now Hlybokae, Belarus), in the expected region between Vilna and Vitebsk.

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