Cerlin Family: Dwere Cerlin

Father: no information.

Mother: no information.

Spouse: Bendel Cerlin


Biographical information:

Immigrated 1906 aged 23, with daughter, aged 11 months. Surname written somewhat illegibly, corrected by a second hand. Husband's surname written clearly.

Passenger Record:
First Name: Dwere
Last Name: Cerfin (Cerlin)
Ethnicity: Hebrew Russia
Last Place of Residence: Minsh (Minsk)
Date of Arrival: June 10, 1906
Age at Arrival: 23y Gender: F Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Umbria
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0016

Going to husband Bendel Cerlin, 115 Division St. NY.

Ellis Island immigration records.

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