Vima Sunrider
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Battle on Vima Sunrider

One of the map sets I like to use is the Fiery Dragon Future Tiles Starships by Skeletonkey Games. Some of their tiles are in the image at the left.


Other Gaming Tiles

Steel Floor game tile

Steel Floor:

This is a five by seven tile for use with the game. The numbers can be used as a decorative feature or as traps. Characters entering a trapped square (or being pushed into them) take 10 points of damage. A full version of the tile is here.

Plaza game tile


Here a a stone floor plaza with a low monument near the center. A full version of the tile is here.


Dark Cargo Area:

Lit by two small lights, this cargo area increases characters defence for low objects from +4 to +8. A full version of the tile is here.





Sienar Fleet Systems Guardian-class Light Cruiser VIMA SUNRIDER      Version: Episode VI     Best Viewed at 1024 X 768