Vima Sunrider
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What were you expecting? Gotta show off pictures of my figs.

This section also contains my reviews of the figures and characters in the game (with some strategy tips). These reviews were originally published on Miniature Trading. If you go there you might be able to read some comments about the figure reviews or post some yourself! Select a faction symbol above to read a review.

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Luke, Leia and Droids   Emperor and Maul Two Rebel Troopers  

General Note: I'm still trying to figure out how to fix the "Bent Lightsaber Syndrome." [For an example, see central image.] Over bending in the opposite direction for long periods seems to work, although It's difficult to accomplish. Using a blow dryer can also be useful, but dangerous...


Sienar Fleet Systems Guardian-class Light Cruiser VIMA SUNRIDER      Version: Episode VI     Best Viewed at 1024 X 768