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In 1918 Congress authorized the U.S. Postal Service to print 24 cent Air Mail stamps. One of the first stamps was the Jenny airmail: a red frame surrounding a blue plane.

Two color stamps meant that the stamps had to be printed once for each color. The Jenny had a red plate (the frame) and a blue plate (the plane).

One single sheet had the airplane printed upside down. The tiny error that produced the Inverted Jenny may have been made when a printer simply handled one of the sheets to check for ink quality and then laid it onto the stack of other sheets upside-down in relation to the rest of the stack.

That single sheet of Inverted Jenny's is the Holy Grail of stamps, the Mona Lisa of collecting. A single inverted Jenny is worth roughly $170,000.

Check out this card:

Looks OK here. Standard stats for the Human Mercenary. Correct picture.
But check out the title on the reverse side. OOPS.

No photo editing here folks. This is the real card, shown as actually received.

Who knows maybe one day...

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