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Fame & Fortune Ain't Everything...

Many people have said to me, "artists make alot of money or become famous only after they are dead".

The best example of that, they point out, Is Vincent Van Gogh, who lived his life in poverty and died in obscurity.

Making alot of money and becoming known has never been my goal. It has given me pleasure to give something to people that pleases them and makes them happy, something that is worth more than they paid for. Being able to create something nice, pleasing to the eye and giving people something to think about also makes me happy.

A few of my portraits- animal portraits and Isaiah paintings are "not quite right", that is- a little off, and I see that, and sometimes cringe. But they promote a feeling- that is important to me.

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Isaiah 11:6 by Charleyn Moore
Isaiah 11:6 The Lion and the Lamb

Lioness Adopts Baby Oryx

February 2002, an article appeared in the Christian Science Sentinal about a strange happening in Kenya.

A female lion had adopted a baby oryx, a natural enemy of the predatory lion. The local game warden took notice and took the baby from the lion as it needed its mothers milk.

Since then the same lioness has adopted six of the baby oryx, the most recent in February of 2003.

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We still have our first Isaiah screensaver available on my download page. Wallpapers coming someday!   :b

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My eBay sales are administered by my youngest son John, who also is known as sketchdude.

If you want to see what I have for sale, be sure to check the eBay "about me" pages for both of us!

For now, I am listing my work at Festival Art!

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Collie & Sheltie in original pencil drawings
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