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These people are helping me out.

NEXTEL has offered me use of one of their direct-connect and GPS-enabled cellphones for the trip! Not only that, they gave Molly a phone so that we can stay in touch with the direct-connect. They have been fantastic, and you should all switch your service over to them immediately.

Habanero Cycles built my touring bike, and gave me a discount. The bike is now here, and it is fantastic. It rides great, and handless well with all that weight on it. It made it through the roads of Louisiana without falling apart, and I can't think of a tougher test.

I highly recommend Habanero to anyone considering a new bike. Great value, great quality, and unbelievable service.

I'd also like to give a great big thank you to my father-in-law, who graciously provided the funding for my bike (in other words, he bought it for me). Thanks, Jim.

Check out the South East Texas Hike & Bike Coalition (SETHBC). These folks were nice enough to ride out and meet me on my way into Beaumont, put me up for the night and take me out for some Tex-Mex food. They are a real great bunch of people, and are working improve the cycling scene in southeast Texas. On top of all they did for me, they also took up a collection and made a donation to Dana-Farber. Check out their website, and do what you can to support their efforts.


The Doc Chey's Noodle House family put me up and fed me some fabulous Doc Chey chow. See how easy it is to sponsor me? WARNING: Doc Chey is not a licensed physician.


Gearworks Cyclery in Leominster, MA scrambled to help me out getting my bike together right before I left. This is a great bike shop, and you should check them out if you live nearby. Thanks, guys.


Ortlieb USA is gave me a great discount on a set of panniers, a rack, and a handlebar bag (and also offered a place to crash in Seattle). They are easy to put on and take off, stay on once you put them on, and are roomy and waterproof. I love them - way better and tougher than any panniers I've used before.


Gill Bike Gear has given me a discount on a waterproof jacket. It's super light, and has worked very well as a cold-weather jacket in my training rides, and is a great lightweight rain jacket.